LG washer error code nE

When nE error code appears on the display, the LG washer stops completely. The machine does not respond to clicks, does not start a single program and does not even activate a test cycle.

LG washer error code nE

What caused the nE error?

This is a problem in the diagnostic mode of some LG washing machine models. This occurs when entering the test program when the user does not have time to press the Start / Pause button. Therefore, instead of diagnostic information, an error code nE appears on the screen, after which the equipment stops working.

How to solve the problem yourself?

LG washer self test mode

There are three ways to get out of a difficult situation and fix the failure.

    1. Press the Soil Level and Spin Speed buttons, and then (while holding them) – on Power. Release all three at the same time. Then immediately put your finger on Start / Pause, but do not press on it, but wait for the door to click. At that very moment, as soon as the hatch is locked, you need to click on Start / Pause to activate Test Mode. If you do not have time to do this within 1-2 seconds, the error nE will appear on the screen automatically.
    2. Turn on the washing machine and select the Spin Speed program. Then click on Start, let the water fill the tank and immediately turn off the equipment. When you restart, everything should return to normal.
    3. Unplug the cord from the outlet, leave the equipment for 20-30 minutes, and then plug it back into the electrical outlet. Perhaps the nE error code LG washer will reset itself after a system reboot.

Drastic measures

In this case, the repair is not required – all components and components of the washing machine are operational. The error code nE occurs only through the fault of the users themselves who did not have time to press the button in time when entering the diagnostic mode.

Author: David Hoover