LG washer error code DE

If the washing machine displays the DE error code during the “Wash”, “Rinse” or “Spin” cycles, then the door is not locked properly.

LG washing machine error code DE
LG washer error code DE

Let’s suppose, you’ve got the LG washing machine without a display. Then the indicators “Temperature” — “Wash” — “Rinse” blink (light) simultaneously to indicate the error.

In this case, consider the following reasons:

  • the latch of the lock assembly is faulty;
  • the wire strap or the spring is out of place;
  • the lid actuator of the lock assembly has failed;
  • the start switch being a part of the control board is faulty.

How to fix the DE error code in the LG washing machine

Before considering the cause of the malfunction and troubleshooting, do the following to clear the DE error code:

  • Push the door to close it properly.
  • Check the door for an obstruction. An item can be caught in it.
  • If the door is not aligned properly, fasten the hinge securely.
  • Restart the system repeatedly by unplugging the washing machine. After 15-20 minutes, plug the washer back in.

Is your LG washing machine getting the DE error code again? Continue reading and get what it means.

Evidence of malfunction and repair

Evidence of malfunctionCauseSolution
The door is closed but is not locked.The latch of the lock assembly has failed.Replace the part.
The door is closed, locked, but the cycle will not start, so you can see the DE error code on the display.The lock assembly has failed. The door isn’t locked, so the program doesn’t start.Replace the lock assembly.
The DE error is displayed in the middle of washing, rinsing or spin cycles. The smell of burning is in the air, the indicator “Lock” may light.The control board malfunctions.Check the element. If damaged, clean the connectors and solder the contacts. If the board is beyond repair, replace it.
The handle will not work, so you cannot close the door. The DE error is displayed.The handle is broken.Install a new handle.
The door of the LG washing machine will not close due to the old hinges.The hinge is damaged.If you can not adjust it, then replace the part.

If you have made all the above-mentioned steps and the DE error is still with you, use the following algorithm to detect malfunction.  The algorithm was developed by professionals. It suggests initial testing of the lock assembly. How to do it?

  • Open the door and check if the latch is intact and movable – pull it to the right and to the left.
  • If the latch is all right, then take out the lock assembly. To get it to unscrew the two screws holding the switch inside the machine.
  • Take out the switch assembly, but do not disconnect it and turn on the machine. Find the contact on the narrow part of the switch and complete the circuit.
  • If the machine does not display errors and you can set the washing cycle even with an open door, replace or repair the lock assembly.

Consider the reasons of malfunction to clear the error. If you are confident the locks work properly, examine the small board. It is located in the control module and switches the LG washing machine on and off.

  1. First remove the plastic lid covering the control board, gently prying off a few plastic retaining clips with a screwdriver.
  2. Next, unscrew a few screws holding the control board.
  3. The board consists of two parts: a large board with a display and a small board switching the washing machine on and off. We need just a small board.
  4. Remove the large board and put it aside.
  5. Examine the small board for any visible damage (burnouts, damaged contacts, and other things) carefully.
  6. If it is damaged, then it is the cause of the DE error, and we shall handle it. If it is not damaged, contact the experts.

Having reinstalled the board, check if the machine works properly. If the error is not displayed and the LG machine works fine, you did the right thing.

What does dE mean on my LG washer?

Error dE indicates a door that is not tightly closed. The reasons may be a malfunction of the latch or lock in the assembly, damage to the hatch shutter mechanism, displacement of the hinge or spring, failure of the controller on the control board.

What is dE in washing machine LG?

Error code dE indicates that the washing mode was blocked due to a poorly closed door. Something is stopping her from slamming shut. This may be a foreign object that is stuck for the seal, improper distribution of linen, skewed hatch. Also among the reasons is the failure of the spring mechanism, loop, lock or sensor on the central board.

How do I fix the error dE on my LG washer?

To fix the dE error, you need to restart the washer, reset the error code, remove foreign objects and protruding edges of clothing. If these measures do not help, you should repair the latch, align the loop, replace the lock and check the controller on the board.

Author: David Hoover