LG washer error code LE

When starting, the LG washing machine doesn’t rotate the drum, although you can easily scroll it manually. The LE error appears on the display. It occurs in different modes: “Rinse”, “Washing”, “Spin”.

LG washing machine error code LE
LG washer error code LE

In LG direct-drive washing machines, the drum can twitch. It means motor locking or engine restarting.

The meaning of the LE error code

Before decrypting the error code, make sure you understand the indication correctly.

The point is that the older LG washing machine models show the LE fault incorrectly. Many users confuse the 1E code with LE one because it appears the next way:

LG washing machine error code LE and 1E
LG washer error code LE and 1E

In fact, the meaning of codes is fundamentally different.

How to eliminate the error

Before fixing the breakdown, let’s understand the reasons for the code issuing. Also, it is important to know how to solve the problem. The instruction:

  • Check the washing machine door for tightness. Press the hatch more firmly until it clicks.
  • If the error appears on the “Spin” mode during a delicate wash, it is likely that you overload the tank with laundry. You need to reduce laundry weight by removing some items.
  • Disconnect the LG front load washer from the network for more than 20 minutes. Then, turn it on. This action should remove the error.
  • It is possible that a foreign object has stuck in the device. It can be somewhere between the tank and the drum, creating a mechanical lock. To remove the object, disassemble the tank of the washing machine.
  • Check the mains voltage. Maybe the power supply is not enough for the correct operation of the machine. In addition, there can be wiring damage, so you have to change it.
  • There is a power surge in the network. If this happens frequently, the PF code will alternately appear with the LE error, which means “power failure”. It can help reboot the system or install a stabilizer.

How to solve the problem if the error is not reset? The only repair will help to fix it. And you can do it on your own.

Which parts to repair? Malfunction signs will help you to answer this question.

Tachogenerator failure

This device is responsible for the engine speed. If the gear unit fails, the appliance begins to make loud sounds and doesn’t spin the drum. The display shows the LE error. Be sure to check the tachogenerator and replace it if necessary.

Control Module failures

A sign of a breakdown is the LG machine’s failure in the “Wash”, “Rinse” or “Spin” modes. After this, the system issues the LE error code. Take out and check the module. If the part is defective, replace it.

Motor winding problems

If the winding has burnt out, the LE error appears on the display, and the washing machine doesn’t rotate the drum at all. You have to replace the stator or motor.

The door doesn’t close

The door doesn’t close or lock, and the washing machine displays the fault code. Perhaps the door lock or handle has broken, which requires replacement. There may also be a violation of the chain contact of the lockout device. Inspect wiring.

The line filter is out of order

A malfunction in the line filter operation can cause the LE error. Check the part for a breakdown using a multimeter.

What does LE mean on my LG washer?

Error LE indicates engine lock. The source of the problem is a stuck thing, a poorly closed sunroof, a malfunction of the control module. Among the more serious reasons is a malfunction of the tachogenerator, mainboard, door slam mechanism, open circuit or damage to the motor winding.

What is LE in washing machine LG?

The LE error code indicates that the motor cannot start: it buzzes and does not spin the drum. Reasons: failure of the control board, the door not slammed to the end, stuck object, damage to the tacho generator sensors, malfunction of the latch, burnout of the motor winding.

How do I fix the error LE on my LG washer?

To resolve the LE error, disconnect the washing machine from the power supply for a few minutes, and then turn it on again. If this does not help, look for the object stuck behind the hatch seal and remove it. Check the power supply circuit, inspect the sensor, control chip, tacho and replace them if necessary.

Author: David Hoover