LG washer error code tE

Any LG washing machine can show the tE error code. However, models without a display make identifying the fault more complicated. So, in this technique, errors are indicated by a combination of light bulbs.

LG washing machine error code tE
LG washer error code tE

Possible reasons for the tE error in LG washing machine

One thing pleases: the tE error in the LG washing machine rarely paralyzes the work of technology completely so that you can wash. You will have to restart the washing program and select the cold wash mode. Why? The tE code denotes water heating problems or rather indicates a fault in the circuit. The last one takes responsibility for heating. You’ll have to check the entire chain of heating elements until you find a breakdown. There is no other way.

You’ll have to test:

  • heating element;
  • thermistor;
  • supply wiring;
  • the control module, more precisely semiconductor elements were controlling heating.

First actions

It is not possible to start checking the above parts without partially LG washing machine disassembling.

  1. First, you need to de-energize the washing machine.
  2. Also, specialists recommend to shut off the water supply to the device, and then disconnect the filling and drain hoses.
  3. Next, you need to pull the machine out of the niche and turn it back to yourself.
  4. Unscrew the fastening elements, which hold the cover of the technological hatch, located in the rear wall.
  5. Use a flat-blade screwdriver to pry off special clips and remove the cover.

Having got access to the details of the washing machine, take a multimeter, and set it to the ohmmeter mode. Now check the loop on the details of the heating circuit.

Check the thermistor

First, you need to remove the wiring from the thermistor. Carefully remove the contacts. Next, install the test leads of the multimeter to the wiring and test each wire one by one. If the wires are in order, test the thermistor. Having found out a malfunction, you should eliminate it. We need to pull out the old thermistor and replace it with a new one.

How to do it?

  1. Push on the special lock and pull out the chip of the temperature sensor.
  2. Loosen the nut that holds the thermistor.
  3. Pull out the broken sensor and install a new one in its place.
  4. Connect the supply wires and put the hatch cover in place.

It seems like everything is pretty easy, but the thermistor can jam a little inside. You’ll have to shake it gently, then it will come out.

The heating element checking

To check the heating element, you have to take it out. This is the only solution. Make sure that the appliance is disconnected from the power supply. Then, alternately remove the wiring from the right and left contacts.

Next, you need to loosen the central nut and swing-out the heating element from the tank. If the rubber gasket has dried, you can slightly lubricate it with engine oil. Thus the heater will come out easier. Inspect the old heating element. Quite possibly, it will be covered with a layer of calcareous plaque. Check the loop on the heating element with a multimeter. Throw out the defective part because you can’t repair it. So, buy a new heater, clean the bottom of the tank, and the heater’s place from debris and dirt. Then, install a new part. Connect the wiring and put the hatch in place.

In some cases, the user can not correct the tE error cause. This happens when the control module is the reason for the fault. If, during the heating circuit test, you reach the control module, call a specialist.

What does tE mean on my LG washer?

The appearance of the error code tE indicates problems with heating the water to the desired temperature. Moreover, it occurs only in the washing mode in hot water, while in others, it does not. Caused by a malfunction in the heating circuit. So, the heater, wiring, thermistor, semiconductors on the control board can be damaged.

What is tE in washing machine LG?

The tE error is caused by malfunctions in the heating system, so it does not appear when washing in cold water. Among its reasons is the failure of the heater, thermistor, semiconductors in the control module. Another culprit is wiring with unreliable contacts.

How do I fix the error tE on my LG washer?

To remove the error code tE, you need to restart the equipment by disconnecting from the outlet for 15-20 minutes. If this does not help, check the temperature sensor and heater. You should also check the wiring for an open.

Author: David Hoover