LG washers error code AE

The self-test of LG washing machine shows the AE or AOE error code. The fault may indicate problems with turning off. Decrypting the full meaning of the error, you will understand how to eliminate it at home.

LG washing machines error code AE
LG washer error code AE

Note that the fault code appears in washing machines, equipped with a screen.

The meaning and eliminating the error in LG washing machine

What does the AE error code in LG washing machine mean? It signals about the device’s operation stop due to the problems with auto-shutdown. Probably, the float sensor has triggered, too.

What to do and how to fix the breakdown:

  • Exclude the failure of the control module. Turn off the washing machine from the mains for 15-20 minutes to remove the AE error. After a reset, LG washing machine can operate in normal mode. The reason for frequent “hangs” of the system is excessive humidity in the room where the appliance is installed.
  • Some LG washing machines have the Aquastop mode, which protects the system against leaks. It is necessary to check all fastenings and connections. Maybe after moving some hose was disconnected, so the washing machine leaks and the sensor float triggers.

If there is no error reset, the fault requires repair.

Causes and repair of the malfunction

Here are the reasons why LG washing machine can show the AE error:

  1. If during washing, the machine stopped and issued the AE code, a problem relates to the control board or processor. Check the next: if the elements are broken or burnt out, clean the tracks, and solder the contacts. If there is a breakdown of the processor, replace the display module.
  2. The washing machine with Aquastop protection is leaking and there is water in the pan. In addition, the fault code appears on the display. Perhaps the rubber cuff poorly performs its functions due to damage or exposure to the mold. In rare cases, you can glue the cuff, but it is safer to replace it completely. Also, the nozzle or tank of the washing machine may get damaged. You should replace it, too.
  3. The Aquastop system makes a click sound, the tray is empty, and the trouble appears. What does it mean: the protection system is out of order. The situation requires a repair or complete replacement of the protection.

What does AE mean on my LG washer?

AE error indicates that a failure has occurred in the automatic shutdown of the washing machine. Failure of the float sensor and triggering of the Aquastop mechanism is also likely. In all cases, the cause is high humidity in the room or accumulation of water in the pan due to leakage.

What is AE in washing machine LG?

An AE error code indicates a malfunction in the auto power off system or in the control module. The Aquastop protection system may fail, and water leakage may occur due to damage to the manhole cuff, nozzle, hose, or tank. The reason is wear of flexible elements, loosening of clamps, puncture with a sharp object.

How do I fix the error AE on my LG washer?

To get rid of the AE error code, you must turn the machine off and on again. If this does not work, you need to find the place of the leak, glue, or replace the leaky element. Check the Aquastop system. If the tank is damaged, replace it.

Author: David Hoover