LG washer error code FE

LG washing machine refuses to work properly. It stops in the middle of the washing program and constantly drains water after gaining. Along with that, the washing machine shows the FE error on a screen.

LG washing machines error code FE
LG washer error code FE

LG washing machine without a screen gives an error by flashing or lighting up the “Prewash” and “Main wash” indicators. In addition, the indicators, responsible for laundry type choice, light up, too. For example blanket (bulky things), wool, synthetics.

Meaning of the FE error in LG washing machine

Please note! The FE error code in the LG washing machine is displayed both during the water gaining and in the rinse or washing mode of the laundry. So, with this code, the system signals that the tank of the washing machine is overfilled with water. In particular cases, it means that water has reached the maximum permissible rate.

Reasons for the failure and its solutions

You can restart the LG front load washer. This method allows you to eliminate the failure of the electronic board and reset the error.

Remove the plug from the outlet to de-energize the LG front load machine for 15-20 minutes. When connected, check whether the FE fault code lights up again. If so, continue fixing.

The cause for the FE error may be an excessive foam formation during washing. This is possible if you load too light lace underwear (tablecloth, tulle) or just overfill the tank.

Do not lose sight of the spoiled or not suitable for washing powder for a washing machine. How to fix the situation:

  • Tilt the appliance back and place some blocks under the right corner. Thus, the washing machine will remain inclined.
  • Open the drain filter door. Place a capacious flat container for water. Use something like a basin.
  • The emergency water drain hose is installed to the left of the garbage filter. Open the cork and gradually drain water from the tank.
  • While you drain water, the hatch of the washing machine will block. Open the door and pull the wet laundry out of the drum into the clean basin, prepared before.
  • Unscrew the drain filter, clean it, and then screw it back.
  • Remove the powder collector and thoroughly rinse it from the powder residue. Then return it to the place.

Now you can turn on the washing machine again. As usual, load the powder into the tray and put laundry in the drum. Do not overload the device with linens. At the same time, do not put fewer things than needed. Loading should be normal. If you wash bulky items, do not put them in a lump form. Try to spread the laundry as much as possible inside the drum. That’s all, you can close the door and run the wash program again. If the FE error message occurs again, complete a comprehensive inspection of the LG washing machine.

Particular signs will help to identify the causes of failure. Then you will understand whether it is necessary to solve the problem by yourself or call a specialist.

Possible malfunctions causing the FE error code

The faults, which relate to the FE error code, and its solutions:

  • Malfunction of the water intake valve. Over time, the valve may lose flexibility. Its springs become weak, allowing water to leak through it. As a result, it forms an overflow and the system issues the FE error code. Along with that, LG washing machine gains and drains water. Only the change in the intake valve will help.
  • The appliance starts washing the laundry and then drains water. So, it completely stops or conducts constant water gaining. The FE fault appears on a screen. The reason is a malfunction of the pressure switch, which monitors the water level in the tank. Check its tube at the moment of a blockage and wash under the running water if necessary. If everything is in order, you need to change the pressure switch.
  • If the control unit fails, you will notice that the machine has stopped or full of water, or empty after draining. The FE error code appears on a display. This can happen while clothes washing or rinsing. It is important to inspect the control board. If possible, repair the burnt-out elements or replace the control unit.
  • Check the wiring between the controller on the control board and the pressure switch. Maybe the problem is in broken connections or rubbed wires. The washing machine will light up the code when washing or rinsing, after which it will no longer start. Inspect the wiring, isolate the damaged areas. If this is not possible, replace the cable.

Water level sensor checking and replacing

In fact, the water level sensor is one of the most fragile parts of any modern washing machine. In the majority of cases, the tube of this part gets clogged. Therefore, it stops working correctly. In another case, the coil or supply wiring burn out, and it completely fails. So what to do?

  1. First, you need to completely disconnect the washing machine.
  2. Next, remove the top cover of the LG washing machine.
  3. You can find the needed part directly from the top near the right front corner of the hull.
  4. Remove the screw that fastens the pressure switch to the body of the machine. Also, disconnect the tube and the chip with the wires.
  5. Take a multimeter, set it up and check each power cord for a breakdown.
  6. Check the loop on the coil of the pressure switch.
  7. If the sensor is in order, clean it thoroughly and blow its straw. Do the same thing with the hose, attached to this tube.
  8. Install the pressure switch in place.

Fill valve checking and replacing

The fill valve is screwed to the back of the LG washing machine, connected to the filling hose.

Do not hurry to detach the filler pipe connections, first check the wires and coil. Test the wires and coil with a multimeter. If there is a malfunction, change the filling valve. If there are no issues with the electrician, check the flow filter.

The flow filter is located on the machine body in the place of the filling hose screwing. This is a small plastic mesh that can become clogged by parts that fall on it along with tap water. Clean the flow filter and put it back in place.

Control module testing

Well, we have checked the pressure switch and the filling valve. These parts proved to be completely serviceable. Now we are going to reveal the truth about the control module. Honestly, we don’t recommend you to check and repair such an important and expensive item.

What does FE mean on my LG washer?

An FE error indicates that the tank is full. Among its causes are a failure of the central board, a large amount of foam, loading too fluffy and light linen. Also, damage to the water intake valve, a malfunction of the pressure switch, violation of the contacts of the wiring or cable leading to the electronic components should be attributed to it.

What is FE in washing machine LG?

The FE error code can be caused by several factors. These include increased foaming and washing of inappropriate items (excessively light, voluminous, fluffy). Among the serious reasons: leakage of the water intake valve, problems with the pressure switch, open or unsoldered contacts, failure of the electronic board.

How do I fix the error FE on my LG washer?

You can fix the FE error if you restart the machine (turn it off and on again). You also need to redistribute the laundry, remove excess items, allow the foam to settle, and use special laundry detergent. In other cases, inspection and repair with the replacement of defective elements will help.

Author: David Hoover