LG washer error code OE

Often, the LG washing machine displays the OE error in the middle of washing. It is inconvenient: a tank is full of water, the device stops, and the OE error code appears. Also, the fault can occur on a display at the rinse stage.

LG washing machines error code OE
LG washer error code OE

How to identify the OE error in the washing machine

Not all LG washing machines are equipped with a display. Models with electromechanical control signal about the error code in their own way:

  • All the “Rinse” modes show the OE error with flashing or constant lighting up.
  • The “Spin” mode for 800 and 500 blinks (light up) along with No Spin (800-500 revolutions, also “No spin”).

What does the 0E error in LG top load washer mean? It states about the problem with water draining. The system signals the drain pump to remove water from the tank. If within 5 minutes it does not cope with the task, and the machine remains filled with water, the work stops, and the error occurs.

Causes of malfunction

Before fixing the problem, you need to find out the reason:

  • There is a blockage in the drainage system.
  • Sewage system clogging.
  • The failure of the pressure switch.
  • The pump breakage.
  • Defect of the electrical controller.

But do not rush to disassemble the LG washing machine, first check the available systems.

How to provide diagnostics and repair

Before testing, drain water from the LG washing machine, and remove laundry from the tank. Then:

  1. Assess the permeability and integrity of the drain hose. Perhaps it is littered or bent. You can easily eliminate these troubles at home.
  2. Often a blockage forms in the drain connection unit with sewerage. It is necessary to clean the clogged place.
  3. Clogging of the drain filter, which fine mesh retains various particles. It is better to wash it under the water pressure.
  4. Perhaps there is a failure in the control unit. To reset the OE error, disconnect the LG washing machine for 15-20 minutes.

In case all your attempts did not lead to the result, start searching for a breakdown cause. LG front load washer shows the OE error with the following problems:

  • The washing machine does not drain water and issues the fault code. Maybe the pump has burnt out. Only the pump replacing will solve the problem.
  • The washing machine stops in the middle of washing and gives the error. After draining the water manually, it no longer gains it. This indicates a problem with the water level sensor. If there is clogging in the tube, you can clean it. If all goes well, you need to replace the pressure switch.
  • The program stops during washing. After the manual draining, the LG washing machine starts washing and hangs up again, giving out a trouble code. Probably, there is a blockage in the nozzle or pump. You will have to disassemble the washing machine to remove foreign objects.
  • If the reason is the electronic controller failure, the LG device doesn’t drain water. The fault code occurs. In this case, you need to replace the controller.
Author: David Hoover