LG washer error code PF

If your LG appliance stops during operating and displays the PF error code, it is a signal about unstable voltage in the network. And the error can appear in any wash mode.

LG washing machines error code PF
LG washer error code PF

Reasons for the PF error code in LG washing machine

There are causes of the malfunction.

  • The one-time power outage can cause the PF error.
  • Acute voltage drops when it falls to 10% and rises to 5%.
  • A powerful appliance operating (some device or tool) which causes a voltage jump on the line.

If the PF error code in LG washing machine lights up one time, so you don’t have to do anything. But if the system gives the error regularly, do not delay with a repair. Problems with the electrical system can lead to a wiring short circuit.

How to troubleshoot

Before disassembling the LG washing machine, try the simpler methods for the PF error resetting:

  1. When there is a temporary power outage, you only need to click the Enable / Disable button. This is enough to run the program.
  2. Check the power cord and the plug of the LG washing machine. Probably, there is insulation breakage or wire damage. Then you can either localize the damaged area or change the cord and plug.
  3. If the washing machine is connected via an adapter, this can also cause the fault appearance.

It is the best variant when LG washing machine is connected to a separate power line with an automatic machine.

  1. Check the mains voltage. Maybe it’s not enough to power the machine. In this case, you should call an electrician.
  2. There can be wiring damage between the interference filter and the electronic controller. Examine this place and replace the damaged wires.

The most reliable means for protecting equipment from voltage surges is a connection through the stabilizer.

Pay attention that the short circuit can kill the equipment. Moreover, it can cause a fire. Therefore, do not let things go by themselves.

Other causes of the malfunction

Another, more serious reason for the PF code appearance is the breakdown of parts inside the LG device.

The control unit failure is characterized by stopping the program on the “Washing”, “Rinse”, “Spin” modes and the PF code occurrence. You can install the new module by yourself. But soldering the contacts and cleaning up the elements is not an easy task.

If you want to solve the problem of replacing the module in LG washing machine by yourself, then:

  • After disconnecting the appliance from the network, unscrew the bolts of the upper rear panel.
  • Remove the panel, lose the water supply hoses from the clamps.
  • Unscrew the partition and clean it along with the hoses.
  • Remove the pressure switch and the hose.
  • Get rid of the clamps holding the control unit.
  • Remove the screws and put out the module.
  • Take out the clips and lift the lid.

Take a picture of the joints position so you can connect them correctly later.

  • Replace the joints on the new unit.
  • Fasten the cover and install in the reverse order.

As we have already mentioned, the failure can be covered in the wiring between the interference filter and the module. Along with that, LG washing machine hangs up, and the PF error code appears at any mode.

How to check it:

  • Be sure to turn off the washing machine by unplugging it from the outlet.
  • Unscrew the bolts of the top panel of LG machine and take it aside.
  • The filter is located at the end of the power cord under the rear wall.
  • Check all connection joints.
  • You can test the wiring with a multimeter.

The last thing to check is the heater (electric heater). The next points can indicate problems with the heating element:

  • An automatic box blows out.
  • The PF error code appears on a display.

This signals about a malfunction of the heating element. As a result of the heating element closure on the washing machine body, a switch blows out in the switchboard.

  1. Remove the back panel of the washing machine.
  2. The heater is located on the bottom left side.
  3. Disconnect the heater and temperature sensor connections.
  4. Unscrew the nut on the central screw and disconnect the ground terminal.
  5. By pressing, push the bolt inside and pull out the heater.
  6. Replace the new part in the reverse order.

We hope that these recommendations helped you to remove the error and restore the working capacity of the device.

What does PF mean on my LG washer?

Error PF - a sign of unstable voltage in the internal power supply. She says that peak currents jump below and above the norm acceptable for a washing machine. There are several reasons for this: a sharp shutdown and inclusion of electricity, a one-time drop.

What is PF in washing machine LG?

The error code PF appears on the display when there is a power drop while the washing machine is in operation. It indicates that the jump went beyond the allowed norm and was 10% lower or 5% higher than the parameters that the equipment can withstand.

How do I fix the error PF on my LG washer?

If the PF error appeared only once, there is no need to do anything: just reset it by pressing ON / OFF. If it occurs constantly, you need to check the power cord, plug, wiring, board, and adapter through which the washer is connected. If a break is detected, restore contact.

Author: David Hoover