LG washer error code SE

What if the SE error code lights up on the washing machine display? Along with that, the appliance can normally gain water to the tank. However, when you switch to washing, the program stops and the drum does not spin.

LG washing machines error code SE
LG washer error code SE

This breakdown is typical for LG direct drive washing machines. Also, it relates to the belt drive washers and a three-phase noiseless electric motor.

The meaning of the SE error code in LG washing machine

Sometimes users confuse the SE code of LG washing machine with the 5E fault. Indeed, it happens due to the similarity of electronic symbols. So, no matter how you call it, the malfunction remains the same.

The SE error code informs a user of a motor problem. Due to the fact that the motor shaft does not rotate, the drum does not spin the laundry.

However, this malfunction not always requires repair. Sometimes you can reset the error and solve the problem.

Why does the code light up

If LG washing machine shows the SE error on the display, the reasons may be:

  • Weak connections. It is necessary to check all the joints, connected to the motor. Sometimes they retreat. It means the contact breaking and the signal interrupting. In addition, inspect the wiring leading from the motor to the control module. If something is broken, correct or replace the damaged part of the wire.
  • System failure could also cause an error appearance on a display. Disconnect the washing machine by unplugging it from the socket (for no more than 20 minutes). After switching on, the error SE must reset.

If you fail to remove the error, then you need to start repairing the parts.

How to carry out repair works

When LG washing machine gives the SE error code, in 90% of cases the reason lies in the failure of the tachogenerator (Hall sensor). This device monitors the speed of drum rotation. Therefore, in case of a malfunction, the drum “does not know” how fast to work, and the system issues a trouble code.

Sometimes it turns out that the failure doesn’t refer to the tachogenerator. It is about the resistor’s burning out.

Then you need to replace the resistor. In any case, you need to check the device. Find it below, on the shaft of the engine.

  1. Open the back cover of the washing machine.
  2. Remove the belt from the shaft and remove the screws fastening the motor.
  3. Disconnect the joints, remove the engine.
  4. Release the contacts of the tachogenerator, attach the multimeter probes to them.
  5. The part is OK if the resistance is about 60 Ohm.
  6. Additionally, configure the voltage tester.
  7. Checking the tacho sensor, scroll the engine. The norm is about 0.2 V.

If the Hall sensor is faulty, you need to install a new element.

  1. With the removed engine, disconnect the tachogenerator wires.
  2. Remove the cover. The lid can be fastened on latches or on bolts that you have to unscrew.
  3. Remove the part and install the new one in the reverse order.

What else can cause a breakdown:

  • With the motor malfunctions in the LG washing machine, the SE error appears on a display. The washing process does not start. How to eliminate the problem: you need to change the motor.
  • If your washing machine does not rotate the drum but displays the SE error, you need to check the control unit. In the event of a breakdown, it is not difficult to replace the unit. It is more complicated to repair the control board, solder the contacts and clean the tracks. So, we recommend you to contact the service center.
  • With constant vibrations during spin, wires and joints inside LG washing machine can be rubbed or damaged. Check the wiring from the control unit to the motor.

Before starting work and repairing the appliance, do not forget to disconnect it from the network and communications. If the recommendations helped to remove the SE error from the display and the washing machine LG was restored, it means everything was done correctly.

What does SE mean on my LG washer?

SE error is associated with problematic engine operation. He either stops or gives idle scrolling. The reason is in a broken or torn belt drive that transmits torque to the shaft. It is also associated with a software malfunction or with a faulty tacho generator.

What is SE in washing machine LG?

The SE error code is triggered by a damaged Hall sensor, a malfunction of electronic components, a failed drive, a frayed motor cable, or a malfunction of the engine itself. Most often found in belt-driven washing machines.

How do I fix the error SE on my LG washer?

To reset the SE error, the machine must be restarted: disconnect for 15-20 minutes and then reconnect to the outlet. If the problem persists, check the tacho generator, shaft, drive belt, and engine itself if a malfunction is detected, repair, or replace the part. If the mainboard is damaged, solder the contacts and restore the tracks.

Author: David Hoover