LG washer error code UE

The UE error code in the LG washing machine may appear both at the end of the program before starting the spin and with the intervals during washing.

LG washing machines error code UE
LG washer error code UE

Before this, the appliance tries to gain a couple of minutes to start the medium or main spin. Attempts end up with the error on the display.

Pay attention to the letters of this error. Two large UE letters may appear. It is possible that the first letter will be a small uE. This nuance in the programs depends on the model of the washing machine.

The meaning of these code variants is the following. If a combination of a small and a large letter appears, so the device makes various attempts to evenly distribute the laundry in the drum. For example, it gains a little water and then drains it. After several failures, the display shows the code of two large UE letters. It signals that the LG washing machine cannot cope with the problem. Thus, the breakdown occurs. In older models of washers, only the code of two large letters appears, which indicates a malfunction in the absence of spin.

The causes of the malfunction may be as follows:

  • washing machine overload with linen, resulting in worn-out parts;
  • incorrect drum loading – too little laundry or too bulky and light items;
  • failure of the program;
  • wrong installation of the machine, inappropriate level;
  • worn-out parts, long service life.

The first actions when the UE error occurs and fix

If there is the uE error in the LG front load washer (the first letter in the code is small) then no actions are required. Wait until the device completes all the manipulations. Perhaps nothing terrible has happened. If the washing machine stops and displays the capital letters UE, do the following actions one by one.

  1. Open the drum of the device and manually put the laundry evenly. Most likely, it is crumpled.
  2. If there is too much laundry, remove some items and start the spin mode again. If there are not enough clothes to operate, rinse it manually or add something else and run the spin mode.
  3. Also, it is necessary to check the correct installation of the washing machine. Use the building level for this purpose.
  4. If the error remains, try resetting the LG top load washer. To do this, turn it off, then pull the plug from the socket. Wait for 15-20 minutes and then turn on the machine in the spin mode.


If the above actions do not help to eliminate the UE error, call a specialist or look for a malfunction yourself. In this case, the following details break down:

  • electronic controller;
  • seals and bearings;
  • tacho sensor;
  • in machines with a collector motor, a belt is pulled or damaged. The belt requires changing, the repair won’t solve the problem.

The electronic module is the part, which repair is most difficult to perform. The point is, you need to determine which triac or track has burnt out. To do this, it is necessary to have skills in the field of electronics and the ability to read diagrams. Not knowing the nuances, you can completely ruin the electronic board. It’s easier not to repair this part. So, replace it completely, but it is more expensive.

If there is a breakdown in the LG machine electronics, we recommend contacting the service center.

When the UE error lights up on the display, and during operation, you hear a crash or see a puddle with oil stains under the machine, there is definitely a problem with the bearings and seals. To replace these parts you will have to completely disassemble the device and pull out the drum. It requires enough free time and some skills.

Another detail, which can lead to the lack of spinning and, accordingly, to the UE error, is the tacho sensor. It happens rarely, but we’ll not ignore this malfunction. This sensor is responsible for the engine speed. If there is not enough speed, no spinning occurs. To replace the device, you need:

  1. open the back wall of the washing machine by removing the screws around the perimeter;
  2. find the engine under the tank;
  3. remove the drive belt from the drum pulley and from the engine;
  4. disable the motor stick with wires;
  5. remove the screws which hold the engine and pull it out of the appliance;
  6. remove the ring with wires (the tacho sensor) and replace it with a new part;
  7. assemble the washing machine.

In most cases, LG washing machines are equipped with a collector motor, but not an inverter one. Therefore, below you will find a video of replacing the tacho sensor in such devices.

What does UE mean on my LG washer?

The error code of the UE is related to the imbalance of the drum. Its reasons: excessively large or small volume of laundry, uneven location of the washing machine, wear of bearings, or shock absorbers. It also arises from loading too bulky things into the drum.

What is UE in washing machine LG?

A UE error indicates that you need to review the amount of laundry loaded. You need to pick up some of the laundries from the drum or, conversely, add. It also indicates a malfunction of shock absorbers, a skew of the washing machine, or a problem with the tachometer sensor, bearings.

How do I fix the error UE on my LG washer?

The UE error is solved in two ways. 1 - if “u” is small, nothing needs to be done, because the technique itself will fix the failure. 2 - if “U” is large, it is necessary to distribute the laundry manually, load or unload it. Reset the error by turning off the washer for 15-20 minutes. In other cases, repair or replacement of defective parts is required.

Why does my washer keep saying UE?

The UE error code is repeated if the washing machine is not level. Skewing the machine causes a problem with the rotation of the drum, and wet laundry gets knocked together. Another reason is the twisting of clothes due to a large number of things.

Author: David Hoover