No water drainage in Bosch washer

If a washing machine does not drain water, it may refer to a severe problem. We will have to check a lot of parts before finding the true cause of the malfunction. And only after its localization we will fix the issue.

It’s all a blockage

As soon as you find out that your Bosch washing machine gives you a water drain error, restart the equipment. Look at what stage this error pops up. Now it is essential for you to listen, too. So, the pump is working, and the drain is on, but it performs too slowly. The error pops because the system cannot remove dirty water from the tank in 10 minutes. In this case, there is the entire list of the reasons:

  • blockage in the pipe between the pump and the tank;
  • sewage obstruction;
  • siphon clogging;
  • blockage in the trash can;
  • clogged pump.

In more rare cases, a washing machine cannot remove water on time due to a broken impeller. As a result of a manufacturing defect or for another reason, the wings break. Therefore, the functioning pump cannot effectively remove water.

If you don’t know what a garbage filter is and how to clean it, it’s probably the cause of the problem. There is a small hatch in the front lower right corner of the Bosch washing machine case. Open the door and find big black cork behind it. Put a rag or better place a small basin under it and unscrew the cap.

Be careful! When opening the trash filter plug, be prepared that dirty water will flow from there.

Inspect the internal part of the debris filter and the cork. Take out dirt, hair bundles, hairpins, coins and more. Using a cloth, wipe the inside part and twist the cork into place. If the problem is not solved, you need to climb further. Check how quickly dirty water goes down during draining. Open the tap to full and look at it. If the water drains poorly, a blockage may have formed in the siphon or drain. Clearing the clog, you will solve the problem with the washing machine.

If the drain does not work, the cause may be a clogged drain hose. This one goes from the body of the washing machine to the siphon fitting. It is necessary to carefully remove the hose from the fitting and check it for blockages. Clean the clogged hose with a wire or punch with hot water pressure.

Pump is out of order

A breakdown of the drain pump has similar symptoms. It may be buzzing, but not pouring water. In some cases, it is not buzzing at all, and it becomes easy to localize the problem. Reach the pump and check its coil with a multimeter. If the unit does not react, change it to a new one. If it responds but does not work, you can disassemble it and find the cause of the fault. However, specialists recommend replacing it.

Purchase only original spare parts. It is better to overpay a bit for Bosch brand pump than to repeat the repair after a few months. Do not risk to buy Chinese parts. Maybe they will serve for some time. But most likely you will throw money out of the window.

Firmware problems

It happens that the Bosch washing machine does not spin and does not drain dirty water. Although there are seem to be no blockages, and the pump functions well. So, what is the problem? Often users face firmware errors of the electronic module. Such errors can show themselves in different ways. For example, it can block the operation of the drain pump.

We absolutely would not recommend you to reflash the control module yourself. It will make things worse.

What to do in this situation? Of course, you need to entrust the repair to a professional. A specialist will test the electronics, reset the firmware and restore the system. As a rule, this process takes from 20 to 40 minutes. In more complicated cases, you will have to refresh the firmware. If so, there is no need to replace the control module.

In the majority of cases, users can solve the problem with a poor drain themselves You need to look at how the washing machine behaves, localize the fault, and then fix it. You won’t need to disassemble the entire appliance. You will reach all the problematic elements easily. The difficulty may arise with the firmware, but this problem is not easy to solve on your own. It is better to contact a specialist!

Author: David Hoover