Samsung 4e error code dishwasher

If the dishwasher does not start or discontinues in the middle of a cycle, pay attention to the display. The error code 4E may appear on the control panel because the water supply is absent.

Samsung 4e error code dishwasher

Error 4E: description

The Samsung 4E error code dishwasher is displayed when the system does not detect the water supply. First, it is necessary to check if the water comes into the dishwasher from external sources.

  • Check the water supply to make sure that everything is OK with the valve. Measure the pressure as its low value may cause the error code 4E.
  • Power off the appliance and make sure that the supply valves are open. Just in case, it is necessary to turn them clockwise and then counter-clockwise out.
  • Inspect the hoses connected to the tap. They should be undamaged, smooth and without inflections. Disconnect them from the machine and then place them into the bucket, after that, turn the supply valve. If the water flows normally, then the hoses are not clogged.

Has the error 4E appeared for the first time? Power off the appliance for 10 – 15 minutes. This should help in the case of the control module failure.

Possible causes

If the hoses are OK, the pipeline works properly, the valves are open, and the reset did not help, decisive measures should be taken. The entire system, down to the chips, should be examined.

The filter is clogged

There is a fine mesh at the connection point of the hose. It protects the valve from debris. Ideally, for avoiding the error code 4E it should be cleaned twice a year.

  • Switch off the machine and unscrew the hose.
  • Pull out the filter using pliers.
  • Clean the holes.
  • Set the mesh in its proper place.

Improper connection of hot and cold water hoses

The hoses connected to the pipes with the appropriate temperature should not be confused. Otherwise, the error 4E may occur, although this problem has another error code.

Wiring fault

Remove the top panel and make sure that the valve winding is connected. The connection of the loops should be reliable. After that inspect the wiring harness connected to the control board and check it with the circuit analyzer. Depending on the extent of damage, it should be repaired or replaced. This should help to resolve the error code 4E.

The next step is the inspecting of the wiring that leads from the base of the door to the main module. To do this, unscrew the screws and remove the front panel as it may contain some rusted or broken areas. Check everything with a circuit analyzer and restore the contacts.

Drain system failure

Sometimes Samsung 4E error code dishwasher is displayed due to improper installation of the drain hose. This happens if it is not connected with the detergent drawer (the transparent pipe is torn, pinched or not connected).

The inlet valve failure

If the wiring and the drain system are OK, check the resistance of each solenoid coil with a circuit analyzer. At first, the remove the valves from the dishwasher, connect the water supply and connect the electromagnetic coils alternately to a 220 V voltage source.

If the valve does not open, this means the solenoid is blown, causing the error code 4E. This should be tested by measuring the resistance at each output. The normal rate should be from 2 to 4 kOhm. But each model may have different values. The defective part may be replaced by taking it from another valve. If the channel opened, but then did not close completely, the reason is the worn rod spring or membrane. In this case, replace the entire assembly. A new valve costs over $55.

The control board is damaged

The last case associated with the error 4E is that the main module does not supply voltage through the circuit to the inlet valve or malfunctions. Contact a specialist for checking and replacing it (if necessary).

Author: David Hoover