Samsung dishwasher 5e error code

Contemporary dishwashers are equipped with perfect and reliable self-diagnostics systems that monitor all the nuances of the appliance’s operation in real-time. After finding the violations, the system displays certain combinations of letters and numbers. For example, the 5E error on Samsung dishwashers indicates a drain problem.

Samsung dishwasher 5e error code

5e Error Code: Description

In general, the 5E (SE, SC, and 5C) error code appears after the dishwasher completes the program and tries to start draining the dirty water, but it can’t. If it is a fact, the water in the overfull tray may spill out and wet the electronic components. If it is empty, it is a short-term glitch of the control unit. To solve the problem just reboot the appliance by leaving it unplugged for 10-15 minutes.

However, the 5E error may be caused by external factors.

Faulty plumbing may prevent normal drainage.

  • Disconnect the drain hose from the pipe and put its end into the bucket.
  • Start the dishwasher
  • If the water goes through the hose, it means there is a clog in the sewer system, pipe, or siphon under the sink.

5E Error Code: Reasons

The reasons that usually cause the 5E error on Samsung dishwashers are divided into two groups. The first group refers to the clogging, which decreases the water flow. The second is related to the malfunctions of internal components.

Blocked Drain Hose

The drain hose may be:

  • frozen or ice-covered;
  • bent;
  • pinched;
  • clogged.

If the Samsung dishwasher shows the 5E error code and you can distinguish the specific sound produced by the drain pump, make sure the drain hose is not deformed. Remove the drain hose attached to the dishwasher, connect it to the tap, and check if the water easily flows through it.

Clogged Filter

The filter is often clogged with garbage and food waste since owners forget or don’t bother themselves with pre-rinsing dishes before putting them into the dishwasher. Therefore, the mesh, located in the lower part of the housing, must be regularly cleaned.

Faulty Drain Pump

The pieces of broken plates, food waste, and other scraps can get stuck in the pump impeller preventing the water to leave the appliance and causing 5E error. If possible, unscrew the pump mounts, remove it, eliminate the clogging, and check the impeller rotation with a pencil.

By the way, many owners of Samsung dishwashers complain of blocking the return port that may be clogged with pieces of plastic, which split off the tray height adjuster. Make sure the return port is clean.

Broken Drain Pump

In the worst cases, the 5E error is caused by a breakdown of the drain pump. Find out if the drain assembly coil is conductive. Measure the resistance, but first, detach the connector. The normal reading should be around 25 Ohm. Otherwise, the drain will deteriorate and cause the 5E error code, which appears on the display.

Sometimes the pump motor works but does not rotate the impeller. The rattling sounds indicate that the impeller slides off the shaft. The only solution is to replace the pump, which costs $60.

Wire Connection Problem

Before installing a new pump, check the electrical circuit connected to the control unit. Probably, the disconnected, broken or damaged wires make the pump impossible to receive the signals from the control board to drain the water. So the water remains in the tray of Samsung dishwasher, causing the 5E error.

Depending on the malfunction, there are three solutions to the problem:

  • fix the broken or damaged wiring;
  • twist the broken wires;
  • completely replace the loop cable.

Wrong Voltage

Check the pump relay. Measure the voltage between the white wire of the Main CN1 PBA connector and the yellow wire of CN14 (old models) or between the white wire of CNBA1 PBA connector and the yellow wire of CN201 (new models). The normal reading should not exceed or be less than 120V; otherwise, the water stagnation may cause the 5E error. In this case, you should replace the Main PBA unit.

Malfunctioning of Pressure Switch

The pressure switch is a special sensor that measures the water pressure and transmits the obtained data to the control unit. On Samsung dishwashers, it is an electronic solid-state float DD94-01006A, located behind the metal plate in the lower-left corner. As a rule, the float moves up and down freely. But if it happens to get stuck, it could interfere with your dishwasher’s ability to drain. So the malfunction of the pressure switch can lead to the 5E error. In this case, the float should be removed and cleaned. However, if the dishwasher doesn’t function properly after the float was cleaned, it is a technical problem then. It can be solved only by replacing a broken pressure switch. The new one costs about $35.

Malfunctioning of Turbidity Sensor

The turbidity sensor is exploited to measure water clarity. It is used in an automatic mode: the dishwasher runs until the drained water becomes clean. If the sensor is dirty itself, the system “thinks” that the muddy water has stagnated in the tray and displays the 5E error code. Pull out the sensor and wipe it. It is a transparent round plastic part numbered DD32-00003A and attached with a clamp. Its average cost is a bit over $20.

Failure or Damage of the Control Board

The control board, the dishwasher’s electronic brain, manages the key functions of the dishwasher by sending diverse commands to different parts. When it fails, the pump receives incorrect signals and does not start the electronic engine. As a result, the pump doesn’t drain the water, which remains in the dishwasher, and the appliance begins to show the 5E error code on the screen. In the given case, replacing or reflashing the software module by professionals is critical for solving the problem.

Author: David Hoover