Samsung dishwasher error code 7e

Does the dishwasher stop in 8 – 10 seconds after starting the program? Do the dishes remain dirty even though the equipment is functioning and making the usual noise? Is there Samsung dishwasher error code 7E on the screen? All this suggests that it is necessary to inspect the lower sprayer boom and neighboring details.

Samsung dishwasher error code 7e

Error 7E – what does it relate to?

Error code 7E is caused by a problem with the WaterWall system. This is Samsung’s patented technology which it recently introduced in dishwashers of a new generation. That is, old units do not have such a defect – only the latest built-in models have it. Therefore, code 7E should not be confused with E7. They relate to completely different problems:

  • error E7 is aligned with the thermostat (it measures the temperature in the tank and starts washing when the water gets hot enough or, conversely, blocks the process due to lack of heating);
  • error 7E indicates that the water dispersion mechanism cannot move (it includes the whole system, including a single-blade sprayer, rail, sensor, and electric motor).

In the innovative development, the manufacturer abandoned the classic rotating rocker. In modern models, water is supplied to dishes by a straight-line reflector of the “water wall” type moving along the boom fore and aft.

Priority actions

In the Samsung dishwasher, error code 7E may appear both initially and repeatedly – when turning on the unit (during self-diagnosis) and after starting the program. In the first case, you need to reset – to restart the dishwasher. To do this, you need:

  1. disconnect it from the mains;
  2. wait for 15 – 20 minutes or so;
  3. plug the cord into a power outlet;
  4. look at the control panel.

If error code 7E disappeared, then it was a failure of the electronic module, and now you can wash the dishes. If it reappears, you should troubleshoot.

Causes of problems and their solution

WaterWall is not only the name of progressive technology. It is also a system of mechanisms that includes several elements. And each of them can become the reason for blocking the water reflector.

Clamped disperser

 Water flows, the cascade is formed, the machine works, but the sprayer stands still and error 7E is displayed.

This means: something stops the moving boom. In this case, turn off the unit and see if there are any protruding parts of the dishes: a handle of a jug, ladle, knife, frying pan. They can hold the lower rocker. Redistribute objects, turn on the equipment, and restart washing mode.

If it does not help, unload the machine and inspect the disperser – it may be poorly fixed on the rail. To fix the problem, press it firmly into the groove. For this:

  • raise the bar;
  • remove it;
  • turn the water reflector;
  • attach it to the grey shuttle of the guidance element;
  • place back the bar.

A sign that the disperser is installed correctly is the WaterWall logo facing up.

In a new Samsung dishwasher error code, 7E may appear due to blocking of the movable element with packing tape. It is transparent, so it is difficult to notice it the first time. In this case, you need to disconnect the unit, take out the dishes, remove the lower rack to access the subunit and peel off the adhesive tape from the rail housing. Then you can start washing again.

Another problem is the jerky and noisy movement of the sprinkler along the boom. It should be adjusted so that the stroke is as smooth as possible. Here you will need several adjustments with the program start without loaded dishes. If error code 7E repeats, then the problem remains and you need to adjust the WaterWall system again.

Broken sensor

A sensor integrated into the track can also block the movement of the diffuser. The main signs: there is no water curtain, the bar motor works properly (emitting a buzz), but it stands still. The solution is the test of the sensor and the loop line coming from it. If a break is visible, repair the circuit by soldering or twisting the wires. If there is no optimal signal on the multimeter, replace the entire harness. The wiring is in order, but the mechanism still does not start? Then install a new sensor.

Faulty electric motor

A water jet comes out, the rail housing is free, the sensor wiring is intact, but the disperser stands still, the usual buzzing is not heard and error 7E is displayed on the board. So you need to check the engine.

  1. Unplug the dishwasher.
  2. Open the door.
  3. Remove the lower bar.
  4. Draw out the motor.
  5. Connect tester probes to it.

Doesn’t the multimeter hand respond? Install a new engine. Similarly, you need to ring the wires coming from it. If the circuit is open, restore it by soldering or twisting. If this is not possible, change the entire harness.

Author: David Hoover