Samsung dishwasher error code 9e

Electronic dishwashers determine how much water is needed to wash the dishes. When the sensor “thinks” that it is not enough, it transmits the corresponding signal to the control board. Then the self-diagnosis system is activated: in Samsung dishwasher error code 9E starts blinking on the display, preventing the program launch.

Samsung dishwasher error code 9e

Error 9E: description

This code is associated with a water level sensor (for DW7933, DMT350 / 400/610/800) or with Assy Sensor ECS (for DW80F600 and DW80F800). If it appeared for the first time, reboot the control module by disconnecting the unit from the mains for 10 minutes.

Some models of dishwashers allow resetting the error code 9E in manual mode. To do this, follow the instructions:

  • simultaneously press the Power, Delicate and Heavy buttons to call up the menu (it should appear in the upper left corner of the panel);
  • scroll down the list using the Normal button;
  • select FT so that the working tank is automatically filled and emptied;
  • if the water is not drained, find S in the menu for forced draining.

Perhaps, you will have to repeat all steps 2 – 3 times until error 9E disappears.

Reasons Error Code 9E

First, make sure that the dishwasher stands steadily, the inlet hose is not pinched or twisted, and the inlet valve works properly. If everything is in order, the source of the problem may be in the electronic components.

Something blocks the float sensor

At the bottom leftward there is a steel panel, behind which there is a white box with a plastic float. This is the sensor that causes a number of Samsung dishwasher models error code 9E. When the water reaches a certain level, the sensor pops up and presses on the lever, bringing to action the microswitch. But even in such a simple system, failures can occur:

  • the lever is stuck and does not respond to pressing;
  • the sensor is covered with slime and sticks to the wall;
  • accumulated debris prevents the mobility of the part.

Some owners of Samsung dishwashers complain about unforeseen elements in the area of ​​the float – extra rubber pads that protrude forward and block its operation. But this is rather an exception to the rule.

To eliminate error code 9E, remove and wash the sensor, clean the walls of the chamber. If the lever is stuck, press it several times. You can check the position of the sensor switch as follows:

  • Press the buttons Power, Normal, Delay Start simultaneously;
  • Wait for the inscription t1 to appear (this is test No. 1 to check the function of the low water level sensor);
  • Press Delay Start again to start the pump engine to fill the tank;
  • When the Pulse Count indicator on the display reaches 660 and above, press the Normal button four times;
  • Wait for 30 seconds until t5 stops blinking (at this time the water will be drained);
  • Press Normal again, after which t6 and OFF should appear on the screen one after another.

The word “OFF” indicates that the low-level sensor switch is in the correct position when the tank is empty. If error 9E appears during testing, the signal does not pass. The contacts may be faulty.

The wires are broken or not connected

The question is a violation of the electrical connection between the sensor and the control module. Most likely, somewhere the connection of the connectors is weakened, the wiring is damaged, a short circuit has occurred.

Extend the dishwasher to check the electrical circuit between the brown wire (output of the low water level sensor) and its connection point to the circuit board. Problem areas need to be soldered or squeezed. In extreme cases – change the wiring.

The sensor does not work or gives incorrect signals

Error code 9E may indicate a broken mechanical sensor with a float (for models DMT350 / 400/610/800, DW7933) or Assy Sensor ECS (for DW80F600 and DW80F800). A failed part will have to be replaced. The approximate price is about $ 60 for both types of sensors.

Problems with the control board

If the sensor and wiring are in order, check the PBA mainboard. In Samsung dishwasher error code 9E, like other errors, it often appears due to its breakdown after power surges. Burnt parts, damaged chains can be restored. But a broken microcircuit cannot be repaired – in this case, only the replacement of the entire subunit will help.

Author: David Hoover