Samsung dishwasher error code LC

One day you may find water under the dishwasher. But in contemporary Samsung dishwashers, a water leakage sensor is integrated into the lower tray which prevents flooding of the machine and issues a command to perform the dewatering by the pump. LC error code will appear on the Samsung dishwasher panel.

Samsung dishwasher error code LC

Causes for water leakage

There can be different causes for dishwasher leakage.


The dishwasher used hot water so vapor can be produced. Vapor turns into small water drops. If the sensor is exposed to them, they can enable a false leakage signal. But as a rule, such leakage is excluded in contemporary Samsung dishwasher models.

Water hose or filling valve

Check the water hose. It may be cracked and the water flows in the dishwasher lower tray.

If the water flows in the bottom of the device and a big puddle has appeared, this means that there may be a valve failure and it leaks water. The valve controls the water level. If the valve became jammed in an open position, the machine will be flooded.

The door seal is damaged

Check the seal contour around the door. The door may not close tightly and the water from the bunker is spilled on the leakage sensor. Due to this, the LC error code may also be shown on the screen. Clean the door from grease and other debris from the door seal.  If the water flows at the bottom of the door, this means that the dishwasher is at a crooked angle and stands improperly.

Slack joints

This occurs when the dishwasher has been used for many years. Replace the hose or install clamps required for tight joints as this is very cheap.


The Samsung dishwasher can leak if you use a bad cleanser. They create much foam which penetrates any seals.

Cracked tank

The container with water is damaged. The tank may be cracked. In this case, there will be a puddle under the machine. This problem occurs very seldom. Usually, if the tank is damaged, the consumer has to buy a new dishwasher as it is expensive to repair it.

Water discharge hose

Water may leak during the discharge of dirty water from the dishwasher to the drainage. For this make sure that the discharge hose and the drainage are not clogged. If water discharge is obstructed, then it should be cleaned from grease and dirt.

The leakage sensor is out-of-order

If the leakage sensor installed in the lower tray is out-of-order, it will send a false signal to the circuit and it will send the LC error code to the Samsung dishwasher screen.

How to clear the lc error code on Samsung dishwasher?

If there is no water under the dishwasher, firstly try resetting this error code. As a rule, the machine is powered off for 15-20 minutes and then switched on again.

If LC error code is shown on the dishwasher screen again, check the water hose, the discharge hose, and the dishwasher door.

Further actions on detecting the leakage point in the Samsung dishwasher require system dismantling. You can find the failure cause if you remove the device lower panel. Inspect the back panel. Each Samsung dishwasher model may have its peculiarities of accessing the internal system parts.  Keep the device on during the inspection. Only then you will be able to detect the leakage visually. Watch the blob of droplets attentively. Beware of the wires and electrical shock.

If you cannot detect the leakage and the tray is dry, please replace the water leakage sensor. This is very easy. Access the dishwasher bottom and unscrew the tray. But do this after powering off the dishwasher. The leakage sensor is screwed on the tray. Disconnect and replace it.

As one can notice, the Samsung dishwasher leakage may have many reasons and it is indicated by LC error code. You can find the failure yourself after removing the required device panel. If you can not, you may always contact a specialist.

Author: David Hoover