Samsung dishwasher error code OE

If OE error code has appeared on the screen of the dishwasher, do not take it to the service center at once. You can try detecting the reason for yourself. Samsung dishwasher error code ОЕ can appear both at the start and while the machine is working. In this case, a failure fault code appears on the panel. It is accompanied by a beep or lighted “Smart Auto” LED.

Samsung dishwasher error code OE

What does OE error mean?

It occurs when the water is spilled over. The problem is the most visible when the machine is filled with water. If the dishwasher is faulty, the discharge will not work and the self-diagnostics system will show OE error code on the screen.

But before repairing your home appliance, make sure that it has been installed properly. Violation of the connection rules can be seldom, but the possible reason for the failure. This may occur in case of poor mounting.

  1. Close the tap and discharge the water.
  2. Make sure that all hoses are connected according to the manual.

Everything is connected properly, watering is timely stopped, but OE error does not disappear? Try switching off the dishwasher for a few minutes and restart it again. If the problem occurs with the control unit, the restart should help. If OE error code does not disappear, check the internal parts.

Possible reasons

Samsung dishwasher error code ОЕ means that the water level in the dishwasher is exceeded. There can be several reasons for such failure.

Clogged discharge system

It can be detected during careful inspection. Clogged discharge blocks the water and this causes OE error.

If the dishwasher was just switched off, let it cool. After this open the door and find the grid in the lower part of the body. Turn the filter knob CCW. Remove the cover and take out the flat microfilter. Remove the dirt with a brush and rinse the part with flowing water. Inspect the bottom. Check the condition of the discharge tube. If the quick mode is used often, it becomes clogged by grease. Install the grid and filter cover back.

If this does not help and the system still shows OE error code, the water discharge hose can be the problem. If it is pressed or clogged, the water stagnates in the machine. In such case remove the bend or clean the obstruction.

Failure of the intake valve

This component feeds the water inside the chamber. When the level switch sends a signal to the unit that the tank is full, the printed circuit board sends an impulse to the valve. After this, the membrane should be closed firmly. If the part is out-of-order, the hole will remain open and the water intake will not stop so Samsung dishwasher error code ОE appears on the screen. Power off the machine and close the valve.

Electronics or mechanical part failure may cause this problem. Power off the dishwasher and find the water feed valve at the bottom. Check the terminals with the analyzer prods. Too high/low resistance means that the intake element should be replaced.

  • Unscrew the bolt.
  • Replace the part (with the corresponding marking)
  • Secure it.

For precise detection of the failure apply the service voltage and find out if the membrane opens. OE error code may occur due to it.

Pressure relay problems

If the dishwasher discharge is activated when the tank is not full, this means a pressure relay problem. It controls the liquid level and sends impulses to the circuit. In the case of the membrane damage or short circuit, the sensor sends false signals. E.g., it signals that there is too much water in the chamber. OE error appears on the screen.

Check the electronics with a circuit analyzer. If the readings are wrong, the part may need replacement. The values of resistance of some parts are given in the specific technical manual for the dishwasher. The resistance is normal? There may be a problem with the mechanical part. The membrane may close the pressure relay due to debris in its air chamber or rubber tube. Blow the tubes. If you hear some clicks, everything is OK. If no, the tube has to be cleaned with a blast.

Electronic regulator failure

OE error code may occur due to control unit failure. To be sure, watch the machine. Check whether all programs and modes are available. If you have an advanced dishwasher, try updating the software, if possible.

If this did not help, then thorough diagnostics is required. It allows detecting the precise reason for the failure: electronic chip short circuit, protective resistor blowing, circuit damage. The fuse can be replaced and the blown circuit lines can be recovered. But if the electronic chip went, the regulator should be replaced. This can be done by experienced specialists only, but not in all cases.

Water level sensor (wires) open circuit

Main signs: the tank is not filled with water after running the equipment, the overflow OE error appears on the screen and after this, the machine shuts down automatically. The open-circuit reasons include discontinuity, blown or weak terminal. Due to this the control unit receives a false signal about the overflow from the water level sensor.

For fixing Samsung dishwasher error code ОЕ replace the whole wiring harness, make a new lay-up for recovering the conductivity and install a new bus. Skin and connect the damaged terminals manually or solder them thoroughly. But before starting work power off the dishwasher and let it cool.

Author: David Hoover