Samsung dryer error code DC

Does error code dc often block operation in Samsung dryer and the machine does not start and sometimes stops during program execution? In this case, the problem may turn out to be either plainly simple or extra scabrous, therefore, the main attention should be paid to contributing factors.

Samsung dryer error code DC

What does the dc error relate to?

The dc error code informs about problems with the door. Moreover, sometimes it points not at the breakdown of equipment, but at the careless handling of it. For example:

  • clothes are stuck in the lumen of the door;
  • a foreign object has fallen behind the rubber seal;
  • the hinges have shifted due to frequent twitching;
  • the door does not properly close.

All this relates to the start of the program. If the device displays error code dc at the end, then the probable reason is the blocking of the door due to the breakage of the lock and related parts. The main sign: the washing machine tightly closes and does not open.

Specific manifestations

In the majority of modern dryers and washers, dc error appears upon problems with the door. Moreover, it can be accompanied by additional digits – dc1 and dc2. Also, de, de1, de2 may appear, depending on the year of manufacture of the equipment.

Old samples display the complete word or word combination: door, door error. For household appliances without a display, when the door is malfunctioning, LED lights begin to blink, and for someones, water temperature indicators also begin to blink.

How to fix the problem independently?

Before calling a specialist and going to a service center, try to resolve the dc error code.

  1. Make sure that the door is closed properly: open it and slam it correctly.
  2. Bend the junk-ring near the glass and see if there are any foreign objects (keys, matches, coins, etc.).
  3. Check that the laundry is correctly positioned: remove all protruding edges of clothes, and if there are a lot of them, take out a part.
  4. Reset the error by the reboot method to prevent the failure of the electronic unit.

In the latter case, unplug the cord from the wall outlet and let the unit rest for about 15 minutes, and then plug it back in. If, after all these actions dc error has disappeared, then everything is in order with the device, if not, it’s time to set about drastic measures.

The main reasons and their solutions

There may be several possible malfunctions, as well as triggering factors. In some situations, repair of subunits will help out, in others only a complete replacement will be effective. What is more profitable, it is up to the owners to decide, because the prices for components can differ significantly.

Failure of the electronic lock

Signs: the door is not blocked or, conversely, it is impossible to open it. In this case, error code dc appears in the Samsung dryer due to problems with the door lock mechanism.

The way out is the test by multimeter to make sure the electronic lock is broken and then install a new one. Its price at different sites is about $20.

Control board failure

It can be triggered by several factors that cause dc error code since the microchip regulates the operation of the door lock device – the door lock indication module. The signal is displayed at the beginning or during the execution of the program.

In this situation, sometimes it is enough to repair the board by changing or soldering the resistors. But if the processor is burned out or broken, the part must be reinstalled. It costs about $ 60, and with a display – from $79 and above.

Wear of the door hinges

The main sign: missing or indirect entry of the latch into the groove on the machine case, staggering parts. This is a sign of wear of the door or hinges. The solution is to replace the door (the cost of a complete set is from $ 68) or its components. For repair it is necessary:

  • to disconnect the unit from the mains;
  • to remove the front cover;
  • to find the place of fastening of bolts, tap screws, self-threaded screws or rivets;
  • to unscrew the old hinges;
  • to install new ones, fixing them securely;
  • to return the front cover to its place;
  • to check how the door closes;
  • to start up the device.

Moreover, you need to make sure that small parts do not roll into the case. Don’t dc error or its analogs appear anymore? So you solved the problem. If it appears again, proceed to check for other elements.

Breakage of the mechanical lock

It makes itself evident in the fact that the door closes, but not until it clicks. As a result, an invisible error of closure remains or there is no contact with the signal transmitting unit. The way out is repair or replacement of the offending part. As a rule, it is a latch, spring, as well as the entire lock (approximate price is from $20).

Sometimes lubrication helps restore its performance. It cleans the inner surface of dirty plaque and improves the sliding of the locking elements, that is why the mechanism goes to click. If this measure does not help and the dc error code still appears, resetting the lock will help out.

Open wiring

In this case, dc error appears periodically – the equipment either works normally, or it suddenly fails. The reason for this behavior of the unit may be a poor contact of the wiring due to breakage or wear. Moreover, the reboot does not help: the signal does not reach the door blocking element to the rest of the machine.

In order error code dc to disappear completely in the Samsung dryer, you must first check the contacts with a multimeter. If the tester does not respond properly, then there is a break. Replacing the harness will help to eliminate it. It is also advisable to connect the wires by stripping and twisting or by soldering.

Author: David Hoover