Samsung dryer error code DE

Samsung dryers and washing machines are extremely popular for their style, affordability, and user-friendliness. But what to do if something suddenly goes wrong with your dryer or washing machine? First, look at the display. In case the Samsung dryer is showing the dE error code, you should pay attention to the accompanying factors to determine and eliminate the problem immediately.

Samsung dryer error code DE

What does the dE Error Refer to?

The d-containing two-letter error code refers to the door. It means that the dE (dE1, dE2) error code indicates the door block breakage. Some models specify the given problem as dF or dO. Besides, the dryer stops working after starting the program, and sometimes it is blocked at any stage. As for outdated laundry appliances without a display panel, in this case, all mode and temperature indicators light up.

Tips That Can Help You to Solve This Problem

If the error code has appeared for the first time, try to reset it:

  • disconnect your laundry appliance from the power source by pulling the plug from the wall outlet;
  • leave the washing machine or dryer unplugged for 10-15 minutes;
  • plug the cord back into the wall outlet and start the washing program.

Does the dE error code not appear again? So, it was the control unit failure. The reappearance of the error code indicates a malfunction. It will flash until the problem is solved.

Another reason that you can successfully eliminate on your own is a foreign object lodged in the door slit. It is necessary to open the door to check if there are protruding edges of clothing that prevent the tongue from complete entering the groove. If there are any, remove the laundry and close the door until it clicks. Then select the necessary program and start the dryer.

The next reason causing the dE error code is a skew determined by the transportation or movement of a laundry appliance. To eliminate the problem, align the dryer or washing horizontally and/or vertically using a spirit level. When all four appliance feet stand firmly on the ground, the latch will fit tightly into the hinge, allowing the laundry appliance starting the program.

The other cases require drastic measures.

What Are the Causes of Malfunctions and How to Eliminate Them?

The door unit includes several parts, any of which can cause the dE error code:

  • lid/door position sensor (assembly price from $64);
  • door handle ($5);
  • control unit (from $115);
  • door hinges (from $26);
  • rubber door seal (from $47$);
  • door lock (from $20.5);
  • latch (from $21);

Faulty Door Locking Device

On the Samsung dryer, the door locking device often provokes the dE error code. The given malfunction manifests itself as a failure of the equipment to work. The washing machine or dryer does not start after the laundry is loaded since the door is not latched properly.

To find out the reason, it is necessary to test the door locking device with a multimeter. In case the cause of the malfunction is detected, replace it. Perform the same procedure, when the dE error code appears at the end of washing/drying and the appliance refuses to open the door.

Broken Latch

Sometimes the tongue does not fit tight enough into the hinge and does not activate the locking mechanism. As a result, the control unit doesn’t receive the door closing signal, which is followed by the dE error code flashing on the display.

The key reasons are the wear or damage to the latch or the spring, which should be replaced.

Skewed Door

The skew of the hatch may be caused by outdated or broken hinges or fasteners (rusted bolts, nuts, screws, and rivets). To replace these items you should:

  • disconnect the laundry appliance from the power supply;
  • remove the front panel;
  • unscrew bolts or washers (transit bolts) (depending on the hinges layout);
  • dismantle the unit;
  • install new hinges;
  • tighten the bolts;
  • place the front panel;
  • check the performance of the appliance in use.

If the mounting location is not visible, it is necessary to bend the rubber door seal to access the rear. Please, be careful: nuts, screws, bolts, and washers may fall into the washing machine when being unscrewed.

Failure in Microcircuit

In this case, the dE error code appears at the very beginning of the program, i.e. the laundry appliance starts as usual, yet after selecting and starting the washing program it slows down. The key problem is the resistors responsible for controlling the door locking device.

Depending on the type of failure, you should replace either resistors or the entire board. First, you should to solder the connections and check the unit. The deviations from the norm identified with the multimeter are a sign of a burn-out microcircuit.

Damaged Wiring

The dE error code may be displayed on the screen because the board power is flickering or absent at all. Moreover, the dE error code either appears or disappears, despite the emergency reboot. In this case, the hatch locking elements do not transmit the signal to the rest parts of the laundry appliance.

The way to troubleshooting this issue is to check with a tester and to repair the electrical circuit by stripping and twisting disconnected wires. In case of a faulty contact, they are soldered. If the breakpoint cannot be identified, the harness should be changed entirely.

Faulty door lock

On the Samsung dryer/washing machine, the mechanical breakdown of the lock may also cause the dE error code. It means the door doesn’t close, it doesn’t latch properly (without clicking) or it closes without contacting the signal transmitting part.

This problem is solved by repairing or replacement. Applying or spraying the lubricant is the most important aspect since it will soften, clean, and improve the sliding of the door lock parts, providing better contact between them. Sometimes the problem can be eliminated by a slight up-and-down movement of the door.

Author: David Hoover