Samsung dryer error code he

The Samsung dryer error code HE is an error code of the dryer caused by the absence of the heat stream to the drum with the wet laundry. This can occur due to many reasons. Here is the list of them and their remedies that can allow making sense in all this and saving money on repairs.

Samsung dryer error code HE


Where to start? Try resetting the error code he and put the machine back into operation. For this do the following:

  • pull the plug out of the socket
  • wait for 30-60 s
  • switch on the system again.

The washing machine is switched on/off with a power cable or pressing the “Power” button. Sometimes this restarts the program and fixes the program in the electronic module.

Initial actions depending on the equipment type

There are two types of modern dryers:

  • gas
  • electrical.

If you have the home appliance of the first type start the inspection from the isolating valve: it should be fully open. Then disconnect the dryer and restore all connections in the coils. Also, make sure that the wires are not damaged. If yes, replace the whole wiring harness. If there are no visible damages, contact the gas service that deals with repairing heating systems.

If you have the dryer of the second type, make sure that the toggle switch on the house enclosure is not off. If yes, switch it on and run the machine again. Choose the required program and make sure that the equipment is not switched off. In case of run failure power off the equipment and check whether the wires on the heating element are sound. Did not help? There is another reason for keeping your laundry wet. Start a pivotal check.

HE error: main problems and their solution

Try finding out why the error code has appeared on the screen and find the defect reason. There can be several failure reasons so Samsung dryer error code HE can appear due to several reasons.

Control unit failure

For fixing the failure enter the service mode. Turn on the dryer and hold the signal and temperature button for 3 s until you hear 3 loud beeps. This means that the service program was opened. When you see the sensor data on the panel disable the dryer, wait for 1 minute and run it again.

The tubular heating element went

The old-style dryers continue working even if the heater is broken. It switches between modes successively leaving the laundry wet. How to clear the error code he?

Firstly make sure whether the tubular heating element circuit is not broken by checking it with a circuit analyzer. For this calibrate the analyzer and press the knob into the minimal position at the Ohm scale. Check the connector terminals with the prods. If a break has occurred, the device will not respond. Usually, it shows 10-50 Ohm so if the readings are higher/lower, this means that the heating element is damaged. To fix the problem dismantle the heating element and replace it.

After this make sure than the fan is working as it often may cause the tubular heating element failure.

A clog in the air duct which connects the fan with the drum may be another reason for the failure. In this case dismantle, blow through and clean the tube to remove the clog as working blades force much dust inside which blocks the holes. This causes the tubular heating element overheating leading to its failure.

The protective temperature regulator actuates

It responds to the high temperature and disables the drying function. What does actuate it? Too many clothes. If you load too many laundries there would be a high moisture discharge. Hot vaporization leads to the tubular heating element failure and the temperature regulator tries to prevent this. The only way to fix HE error is to put out some laundry and dry it in smaller series.

The temperature fuse went

It is the temperature regulator itself. It is located at the dryer heating point or the blast blower (depending on the model). This can be located on the burner if you have a gas dryer. It becomes damaged due to high temperature and it is impossible to dry the laundry without this component normally. You can check whether the temperature fuse is sound with a tester: a resistance check will reveal the failure for sure. Check out a specific technical manual for dryer repair for the resistance of the temperature fuse.

The drainage is clogged

Another reason for wet laundry is clogged drainage. Due to it some water remains in the tank and soaks the laundry again. But in contemporary systems, the main circuit should detect this problem with a special sensor and another error code would appear on the screen. For work recovery, it is enough to clean the hose and nozzles. Also, it is recommended to check other parts of the discharge system.

The fan does not rotate

In this case, the machine works without problems after switching it on, but when switched to the drying mode it buzzes with a dry rotation and Samsung dryer error code he appears on the screen. I.e. The rotation is absent, and the cooler tries rotating but does not feed warm air to the drum. For solving the problem dismantle the fan and lubricate the bearing as this means that the lubricant has dried out.

If the lubricant is OK, the problem may be caused by the fan motor or power system. For detecting the source of the fan failure more accurately check the circuit with a circuit analyzer, find the break and recover the power by connecting the wires. If the motor is out-of-order, replace it or take it to the service center.

The poor fan performance may also be caused by impeller clogging. In this case, the blades should be cleaned thoroughly. This is enough for fixing the problem of a poorly dried laundry and avoiding error code HE.

Author: David Hoover