Samsung microwave error code e11

Samsung microwave has a new error – error codes e11. It happens only with modern microwave ovens equipped with a humidity control function. This is technological know-how that prevents overdry food and helps to serve a perfectly prepared dish to the table. If you have just such a model, and the food still comes out somewhat dry, then the issue is about the sensor.

Samsung microwave error code e11


What is the error e11 associated with?

With Smart Moisture Sensor. It controls humidity and does not allow undercooking or overcooking foods. It is located behind the inner panel, on the left side. And if the error code e11 displays, therefore, this particular element has failed.

How to get rid of the fault independently?

To return the microwave to work, you first need to make sure that the control board does not fail. To do this, disconnect the power cable for 10 – 15 minutes and then turn on the device again. Doesn’t Samsung microwave error code e11 appear anymore? So the problem is solved: the microwave oven is restarted and the module failure is eliminated. If it appears again, it is necessary to get onto serious repair.

How to eliminate the breakdown competently?

In the course of solving the problem, you can independently check and repair the device. The first thing you need to pay attention to is the sensor and the wiring connected with it.

Faulty humidity sensor

It is the element that instigates Samsung microwave error codes e11. It must be replaced, taking into account that the part is located in an inaccessible place – above the entrance on the left side. To get to it, you need to remove the outer cover of the case – rather, the upper ventilation panel above the door. The microwave is designed so that the sensor cannot be removed separately.

  1. First of all, unplug the microwave oven from the electrical outlet.
  2. Open the door and take out all racks from the inside together with the turntable and stand.
  3. Unscrew the two screws that fix the flanges to the cabinet, remove the washers.
  4. Remove the device from the case and place it on a solid, stable surface.
  5. If the wire is not long enough to install it separately, disconnect the power and ground wires with a crosshead screwdriver by unscrewing the 4 fixing screws.
  6. Lift the panel, slide it forward and remove to access the fasteners that hold the humidity sensor, instigating error code e11.
  7. Disconnect the Smart Moisture Sensor connector completely.
  8. Remove the old sensor and install a new one in its place, firmly fixing it with screws (its cost is about $ 15 – 30).
  9. Connect the cable to the control board and tie the power cables into a bundle again.
  10. Guide the back edge of the panel inward and fix it.
  11. Return the microwave device to the case.
  12. Insert the washers into the holes on the flanges and tighten up the two screws firmly.
  13. Replace the racks and the turntable with the pan.
  14. Switch on the power, switch on the microwave, and see if error codes e11 appears in Samsung

If error e11 appears again, check the power supply of the moisture sensor.

Damaged wiring

Another possible problem is an electrical open. It is determined by the multimeter test of the contacts. If there is no voltage or it is insufficient, then error code e11 is displayed due to poor current conductivity to the Smart Moisture Sensor. As a result, the system identifies it as faulty. In this case, you need to restore the contact by stripping and twisting the ends of the broken wiring. You can also solder them or completely replace the wiring harness.

Author: David Hoover