Samsung refrigerator error code 33 e

Error code 33 e blinks on the screen of the Samsung refrigerator, although the unit works in normal operation… What is the problem? Several factors affect the state of individual elements without violating the common functionality of the equipment.

Samsung refrigerator error code 33 e

What is error 33 e associated with?

It refers to the heater of the water intake pipe of the ice machine. It is found in Side-by-side refrigerators. It appears as a result of:

  • power failure (surge or instant on-off);
  • physical impact with the occurrence of dimples and violation of insulating;
  • manually moving or transporting the unit to another place.

Therefore, if the device displays error code 33 e after delivery or relocation within the kitchen, inspect the water inlet pipe to the ice pan. A heater is a coiled round it – a thin yellow wire with a flexible foil part. It is located on the back wall of the refrigerator – between the valve and the exit point to the tray.

How to solve the problem independently?

Error 33 e will disappear if you reboot the electronic control board. To do this, it is necessary to:

  • plug the refrigerator into a power outlet;
  • find the Energy Saver and Lighting buttons on the touch-panel;
  • press them simultaneously (upper extreme on each side);
  • hold the keys for 8 – 10 seconds.

As a result, the refrigerator will return to its optimal state and will not display error code 33 e. This is usually enough. But if error code 33 e is still displayed in the Samsung refrigerator, more serious actions need to be taken.

Cardinal actions

They are necessary when restarting the module does not help, indicating major problems with the heater of the water supply pipe to the ice machine.

Loosened heating element

The thin wire around the inlet hose may be loose due to moving or transporting the equipment, which instigates a problem. For error 33 e to disappear, it is necessary to fix the ends firmly and set up the heat conductivity. But if the part cannot be repaired, it is replaced entirely. It costs from $ 25 and above.

Damaged wiring

To eliminate this damage you will need a multimeter. With its help, the power supply circuit is tested and faulty places are identified. Contact restoration is performed by soldering or twisting, followed by the insulation of the wiring.

Burnt out the control board

It can happen during sudden surges in electricity. In this case, error code 33 e appears due to irreparable damage. The problem will be solved by replacing the microcircuit chip.

Damaged left door

It happens when the refrigerator is transported or moved to another place. Deep dimples can cause damage not only to the heating element but also to the ice maker as a whole. The only way out is to replace the damaged part (left door). In this case, you need the help of professionals.

How to access the heater?

For error 33 e to never again appear, you need to reach the filler pipe. To do this, it is necessary to:

  • unplug the cord;
  • turn off the flow of water to the ice machine;
  • unload the freezer and remove the door;
  • unscrew the 2 front bolts that fix the ice machine;
  • pull the device towards you and disconnect the connector;
  • remove the flexible piece from the front of the hose (it directs water into the ice cube tray);
  • remove fasteners and insulation from the tube;
  • disconnect the heater cable;
  • come up to the back wall of the refrigerator and find the water pipe going to the freezer;
  • remove the cover and disconnect it from the intake hose;
  • return to the freezer and push the tube outward by pressing it forward and upward;
  • pull it to the end on the other side;
  • remove the heating element.

Finally, test it with a multimeter and repair or replace it. The optimum indication should be 105 Ω (+/– 7). Refitting the ice machine is fulfilled in the reverse order. After that, error code 33 e in Samsung refrigerator will disappear.

Author: David Hoover