Samsung refrigerator error code 40 e

There are situations when the refrigerator seems to work properly, but the ice generator still does not work, causing error code 40E in Samsung refrigerator. What’s the matter? There are several origins.

Samsung refrigerator error code 40 e

What is the 40 E error code associated with?

It occurs in Side-by-side models. It is instigated by a malfunction of the ice machine fan since such a system is equipped with air cooling. Usually, the cooler removes heat from the refrigerant pipes and does not allow the unit to break from overheating.

Therefore, if error 40E blinks on the screen, the reason must be sought in the fan and in the elements associated with it. For example, such a code may be paired with:

  • 1E (it indicates a breakdown of the defrost sensor of the freezer);
  • 21E (it indicates failure of the freezer cooler);
  • 24E (it indicates improper defrosting of the freezer).

What do you need to do first?

  1. Remove food from the freezer.
  2. Remove the inner cover of the back wall.
  3. Melt the accumulation of ice with a hairdryer and wipe everything dry.
  4. Replace the panel.
  5. Press the upper right and left buttons on the dispenser.
  6. Hold them for at least 10 seconds.

This will allow you to restart the refrigerator and reset error code 40E. If this action did not help, you need to examine everything that is connected in a chain with a fan of the ice machine.

Cardinal solution to the problem

In Side-by-side refrigerators, there is a cooler behind the wall of the freezer, which blows the tubes with the refrigerant of the ice machine. A defrosting unit is located nearby. If any part of this system fails, a chain reaction occurs. As a result, error code 40E is displayed on the screen of the Samsung refrigerator, since the blades are blocked by frozen ice. But other origins of the error cannot be ruled out.

Damaged defrosting sensor

It occurs due to the careless handling of the equipment. In particular, overloading the freezer with products leads them to stick to surfaces. And defrost sensor is located just inside in the upper part, so strong jerking is the most frequent reason for its failure. Moreover, both the device itself and the wires going to it can turn out to be damaged.

In this case, the defrost function is violated. Ice covers the fan of the ice machine, wherefore error 40E appears. It is eliminated by unplugging the refrigerator from the outlet and manually defrosting the chamber with a stream of warm air. After removing the ice, remove the back cover and check the condition of the sensor. Broken wires must be connected, and a broken sensor must be replaced.

Seized impeller

Another reason that error code 40E appears on the display is the difficulty in rotating the blades. They may be clogged, blocked or unbalanced. Each situation has its own solution to the problem:

  • clean the subunit of adhering dirt and debris;
  • remove foreign objects and pieces of ice that prevent the cooler from turning;
  • twist the central part of the impeller, fitting it tightly into place.

Broken fan motor

A small motor rotates the shaft on which the blades are located. When it fails, the air supply to the refrigerant pipes stops, which causes a problem with the ice machine and, as a result, error 40E appears. The performance of the electric motor is checked with a multimeter. The voltage should be between 7 V and 12 V on cn76 1 and cn76 2 on the mainboard. If it is normal, the cooler needs to be replaced. A new one costs between $ 50 and $ 60.

Faulty contacts

There are wires between the fan and the control board, and any defect interrupts the circuit, preventing the signal to flow. Even flickering currents (intermittent due to poor connection of the ends) can stop the fan and cause error code 40E. The solution is to restore the normal voltage supply by soldering or twisting. But if the break is significant, the entire cable is reinstalled.

Defective control board

The unstable operation of the cooler, due to which error 40E appears, may be caused by a breakdown of the main PCB. To test it, you need to measure the voltage on cn76 1 and cn76 2, putting the fan in forced mode.

  1. Hold the Energy Saver and Power Cool buttons for 8 – 12 seconds.
  2. After the sonic signal, press Power Freeze. The blades will begin to rotate at maximum speed.
  3. Measure the voltage.
  4. Press Power Freeze again to slow down and repeat the test.

This will help to determine exactly the status of the board. If it does not transmit current to the cooler of the ice machine, it will not work. In addition, due to its malfunction, the self-diagnosis system can display false codes. As a result, error code 40E in Samsung refrigerator appears without any reason. What is to be done? Solder parts, restore tracks or replace the entire microcircuit chip.

Author: David Hoover