Samsung refrigerator error code 5e

Does error code 5E blink on the display of Samsung refrigerator during every switching on? Has a lot of ice accumulated on the walls of the refrigerator, which prevents the work of the fan? So the “no frost” system fails.

Samsung refrigerator error code 5e

What causes error code 5E?

It indicates a fault of the defrost sensor. This element acts as a switch between the timer and the heater. When the temperature drops to a certain point, its contacts close, and the heater transmits voltage through them. Then the contacts open, the heater stops and the timer starts the defrost countdown. If the sensor does not work correctly, automation immediately signals a problem.

What is error 5E accompanied by?

Breakage of the defrost sensor leads to several faults.

  • Ice blocks the airflow and prevents the fan. Because of this, some walls may be warm, while others may be frostbitten. In this case, error code 5E appears together with 22 E.
  • The refrigerator is not switched on. This occurs when the sensor does not interrupt the defrost mode and the temperature in the chamber rises. Or on the contrary, if a thick layer of ice prevents the operation of the unit because the heater does not work.

How to solve the problem independently?

There are two troubleshooting options:

  • restart the refrigerator by unplugging the cord for 10 – 15 minutes;
  • reset error code 5E manually simultaneously holding down the Power Freeze and Power Cool buttons (upper on the right and left on the control panel) for 10 seconds.

These measures are effective if the origin is the failure of the mainboard. If not, proceed to the next steps.

Cardinal actions

Error code 5E in Samsung refrigerator can indicate not only the defrost sensor breakdown but also the failure of the elements associated with it.

Broken contacts

Specific reasons: short circuit, damage or breakage of the wiring that goes to the control module. To detect a fault, test the circuit with a multimeter. Check the condition of the connectors – they could get loose if the refrigerator was recently moved from place to place. In this case, try to fix the connecting elements, solder the problematic points or restore them with twisting and insulation. The last resort is to replace the entire harness.

Broken defrost sensor

Error 5E most often appears precisely because of its fault. The only right decision is to replace the defective part. For this:

  • remove the back panel of the unit;
  • disconnect the old sensor and install a new one (its price is $ 5.5-10);
  • attach the panel back.

If a lot of ice has accumulated in the chamber, it must be melted with a hairdryer. This action normalizes cooling, and the unit starts to work properly without displaying error code 5E and the associated 22 E. But before that, they should be reset by pressing the two uppermost buttons on the panel (5 – 10 seconds).

Damaged control module

Usually, this occurs after a power surge. Therefore, if error code 5E blinks on the display of the Samsung refrigerator after a sharp power on-off, then you need to check the microcircuit chip. It is inspected for the presence of burned elements, blackened tracks, and other faults. A suitable restoring method is soldering. But if the module smells of burnt plastic, the only solution is to replace it.

Author: David Hoover