Samsung stove SE error code

Samsung stove SE error code

In Samsung stove, SE error is associated with other reasons. In particular, it can be caused by a short circuit and related faults of:

  • the control board;
  • the touchpad;
  • the connecting wiring.

Before setting about the repair, you must reboot the device by turning off the power for a couple of minutes, and then switch on the stove again. If SE error has disappeared, you can continue to use the unit; if not, you need to check all the three elements one by one using a tester. A fluctuation of the indications points a breakdown.

How to eliminate the SE error code?

  1. Wipe the household appliances dry.
  2. Remove a wet sponge or rag from the surface.
  3. Remove drips of water and food from the stove.
  4. Check the contacts with a multimeter and solder them.
  5. Remove the defective part and install a new one.

For example, a printed circuit for a stove with an oven costs $ 130 – 160, ​​depending on the model. Only in this case, the SE error in the Samsung stove will not be displayed.

Author: David Hoover