Samsung TV error code 012

Smart TV functions allow watching movies in online cinemas, YouTube videos, connect several devices into a media network, browse the Internet and many other things. But sometimes the software stops working: when the user wants to access the content, 012 error code appears on the display.

Samsung TV error code 012

Error 012: description

This numerical combination appears when the user attempts to run, install or update the apps. Due to network problems the TV cannot connect to Smart Hub serves so Apps panel becomes non-functional.

Do not jump to searching for program failures as Samsung TV error code 012 can be related to external factors. This can be easily checked:

  • restart the TV and router powering them off for 10-15 minutes;
  • make sure that the Internet connection is stable;
  • check out whether the apps are working with another hotspot (perhaps the service provider has blocked the IP requested by the software);
  • check the network parameters and change them following the shop instruction;
  • place the router closer to the TV so that there would be no obstacles between them.

012 error causes

The previous actions did not help and 012 error code occurs again? The problem is with the TV, i.e. with its software, settings or baseband.

  1. Failure of a certain app

If all apps but one is working, try reinstalling such an app. This can be done on N, Q, K, M, J and LS models issued after 2015. Follow the next instructions:

  • select the app in Apps section;
  • Press and hold the “Tools” button until the menu appears;
  • press “Reinstall”.

DNS problems

012 error may be related to Domain name server provider. for fixing it change the DNS address of the TV:

  • open the settings;
  • open “Network” (from “General settings” item or Menu);
  • select “IP settings” in “Network status” section;
  • enter “DNS settings”;
  • enter the Google DNS address in the field ( or;
  • accept the changes (“Done” – “Back” – OK);
  • restart the device and check whether 012 error code appears when the apps are opened.

Smart Hub works with failures

Most likely, this has been caused by the wrong settings of the smart concentrator or hidden bugs. Restart Smart Hub for removing wrong data but first of all, make sure that the TV has been certified for use in your country otherwise its functions may be blocked after resetting. If everything is OK with the certification, follow the instruction:

  • enter the “Support” section from the Settings;
  • select “Self-diagnostics” item and find “Smart Hub reset”;
  • enter four zeros in the PIN field;
  • wait for the process completion and open Apps panel;
  • accept the settings;
  • reinstall the required apps.
  • after the performed actions the Samsung TV error code 012 shall disappear automatically.

Wrong TV settings

If the above measures did not help, reset the TV to factory settings and 012 error will not appear again. But this is working for models certified in your country only.

There is a separate instruction for resetting the Menu settings for each series (E, F, H, J, K, LS, Q, M, N, R). You can clarify this on the manufacturer’s official website. EEPROM (or the so-called deep reset) is another solution. Perform the following actions:

  • Press and hold the power button on the body;
  • wait till the device restarts.
  • Press the same button on the remote controller within 10 s.
  • do not release it until the TV restarts.

This will remove all data and if the problem has been caused by settings and bugs 012 error code will disappear.

Poor baseband

Sometimes the apps do not open, run or update due to the baseband. The device has to be reflashed This can be done automatically in “Menu” – “Support” – Software update” – “Online”. If the device cannot find the required file or connect to Samsung servers, do the following:

  • download the latest baseband required for your TV model;
  • extract it on the flash drive;
  • connect the USB flash drive to the TV;
  • enter “Menu” – “Support” “Software update”.
  • press “USB update”.

Wait for the process completion and automatic Smart TV restart. 012 error will disappear automatically and the work of apps on Apps panel will be recovered.

Author: David Hoover