Samsung TV error code 102

Smart TVs are devices with additional software, so they are exposed to frequent technical failures. The problems are identified by codes. E.g., Samsung TV error code 102 means that the wireless Internet-connection is unavailable.

Samsung tv error code 102

Error 102: description

The problem is that the Smart TV platform cannot connect to the ServerHub server. So due to this, widgets, IPTV and other services are unavailable. Some models show “Network disturbance” together with the 102 error code. In the settings “subnet mask”, “gateway”, “IP-address” fields may be empty.

Before doing anything check how is the smart TV working with a new access point? If 102 error code appears with any network, disable the machine for 10-20 minutes by powering it off. After running, try connecting again. Did it help? If yes, that has been a software failure and driver re-initialization solved the problem.

Possible reasons

The first and most common reason is no connection with the provider driver. In such a case there would be no Internet-connection on all devices. This issue should be solved with the service provider. If the Wi-Fi problem occurs with smart TV only, follow further instructions.

Router problems

Sometimes Samsung TV error code 102 appears when connecting to another access point. This means that the router triggers error 102. Reset it and update the software.

What can be done else?

  • Restart the router. Before running the router wait for 20 s for stopping the previous Internet session.
  • Check the compatibility of the router with the TV adapter. In case of a conflict remove the encoding.
  • Enable DHCP protocol for the automatic reception of the required parameters.
  • Change the frequency from 5 GHz to 2.4 GHz or vice versa.
  • Disable the access control that blocks the device MAC address. Moving the numeric address to the whitelist is another solution. See the MAC address in Samsung “Service Request” section by opening it from “Support”.

Smart Hub server failure

They may be overloaded, there may be some technical works or failure. If this is so, don’t take any actions: 102 error code will disappear itself when everything is OK. Sometimes the manual setting of the DNS server helps. For this do the following:

  • enter the settings in the integrated Smart TV menu;
  • select the DNS item;
  • enter Yandex ( or Google ( public IP address.

Outdated Baseband version

Very often 102 errors on Smart TV disappear after updating the software. But this is impossible with a wireless connection. You need a LAN cable or external USB drive (hard drive, flash drive).

In the first case enter the Menu and choose the “Software update” item in the “Support” section and find “Online update”. In the second case download the file with a new baseband from Samsung official website, copy to a formatted USB flash drive, boot on a PC and install. After this connect the flash drive to the TV and in “Software update” window press “Update from USB”. After installing the file the device will be restarted and 102 error code will disappear.

Wrong Smart TV setting or software failure

If you have purchased a new TV, it might have been connected to the Internet already for testing apps and Smart functions. Perhaps something went wrong. If 102 error does not disappear after reflashing, try resetting the device to factory settings. The default PIN is four zeros.

Solution 1:

  • enter the Menu;
  • select “Additional” item in the Settings;
  • open “General setting”;
  • Press “Reset to factory”.

Solution 2:

  • open the “Service menu” (“Information” – “Menu” – “Mute” – “Power”);
  • select “Options”;
  • find “Reset”.

The third and most efficient solution is to make an EEPROM “deep reset”. This helps if the 102 error code does not disappear after resetting to factory settings. For this do the following:

  • press and hold the on/off button on the TV at least for 3 s until the display does not switch off and then switches on again.
  • Press the power button on the remote controller and hold until the TV restarts.

This will delete the user settings, channel lists, accounts for all failures and defective bits.

Wi-Fi module failure

In some cases, Samsung TV error code 102 persists even after a deep rest, reflashing and router tune-up. Perhaps the integrated wireless adapter is broken. For checking its performance enter “Smart TV Menu” and follow the next instructions:

  • enter the “Support” section;
  • press “Contact the manufacturer”;
  • scroll down to the MAC address row.

It shall contain numbers. When there are dashes or zeros instead, this might have been caused by two reasons:

  • failure of the network adapter that causes 102 error code;
  • the TV does not have an integrated Wi-Fi module.

If you are sure that the TV had such a module before, this means that the wireless connection device has broken. You may buy an external adapter compatible with your Smart TV model. It costs $5-30. The adapter is connected to the motherboard with a plug connector. Another solution is to use a LAN cable instead of Wi-Fi.

Author: David Hoover