Samsung TV error code 107

For the work of Smart Hub on a smart TV, you need a stable Internet. But sometimes the connection is lost, making applications pointless. In this case, notifications with different combinations of digits appear on the screen, for example, error code 107. Knowing their meaning, you can quickly eliminate failure.

Samsung TV error code 107

Error 107: description

In Samsung TV error code 107 indicates OpenAPI problems. They are associated with the lack of the Internet, without which a smart hub cannot work. As a rule, network access disappears when the Instant-on feature is used. Switching it off helps to return it: just unplug the device from the wall outlet and wait for 5 minutes. However, the effect does not last long: after the repeated instant switching of Wi-Fi, it disappears again.

Of course, you can try restarting the router together with the TV. But first, check how wireless connectivity behaves on other devices. If there is no Internet anywhere (which is extremely rare in this situation), then error 107 appears due to an unstable network. Possible reasons:

  • problems on the part of the provider;
  • incorrect router configuration.

In the first case, you need to contact the service provider, in the second one you should reconfigure the router. If online content is not downloaded only on the TV, then it is the one that is the source of the problem.

Reasons for error 107

To remove error code 107, you can change the network channel (from 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz or vice versa), DNS, manually enter the IP address, subnet mask, and other parameters. But this is unlikely to give a positive result, because here, most likely, the TV software is the reason.

Bad firmware

Users often complain that error code 107 appears in Samsung TV after installing firmware 1303, 1169, etc. They contain some bugs, due to which the connection with the Internet is lost. You must install a new version or roll back to the previous one.

If you can connect the TV to the Internet, you can update the software automatically in order error 107 disappears. If not, you will have to download the file manually, unpack it to a USB flash drive and connect the USB drive to the TV. The rest of the scheme of actions is the same:

  • open Settings;
  • go to the Support section;
  • Press Software Update;
  • Select USB Update or Network Update.

After that, error 107 will cease to appear, and the Smart TV functions will be restored.

Incorrect TV settings

In most cases, re-flashing helps. If this does not happen, reset the TV:

  • open the Settings menu;
  • go to the Support section;
  • open the Self-diagnosis item in the list that appears;
  • press Reset;
  • enter the PIN code (standard – four zeros);
  • try connecting to Wi-Fi again.

Another option that can help to eliminate error code 107 is a deep reset. To do this, press the power button on the bottom of the TV and do not release it until the screen darkens and lights up again. Then hold the on/off button on the remote control and wait for a reboot. All user data will be deleted along with accumulated failures.

Author: David Hoover