Samsung washer 2e error code

Samsung washer 2E error code is found mainly in old-generation machines (until 2007). It appears as a sudden stop of the equipment during washing or rinsing – at the moment of transition to the next stage.

Samsung washer 2e error code

What does error 2E mean?

She talks about the problem of draining water. Therefore, the washing machine turns off either before rinsing or before spinning, without completing the previous step. It means that:

  • clogged, bent, or squeezed hose;
  • the pump does not work;
  • the drain pump filter is dirty;
  • sewage is clogged;
  • water in the washing machine froze (when it is at sub-zero temperatures in an unheated room);
  • the pipe is clogged;
  • there is no communication between the pump and the control module;
  • the mainboard is out of order.

What to do?

In most cases, the 2E error code is easy to fix on your own. To do this, you must:

  1. restart the washing machine – unplug the cord from the outlet and disconnect it for 5-10 minutes, and then turn it on again so that it starts self-diagnosis and clears the error;
  2. check the hose – remove blockages, straighten kinks, eliminate squeezing;
  3. clean the filter – remove it by opening the compartment on the front of the case (usually in the lower right corner), wipe it with a brush, rinse and return it to its place;
  4. blow through the pipe – a short tube connecting the flexible hose to the outlet;
  5. restore the contact – insert the terminals into the sockets on the connection segment of the pump and the control module so that 2E error does not occur;
  6. to melt ice – move the washing machine to a warm room.

What to do in more severe cases?

In some situations, when Samsung had her 2E error code appears, you can try to carry out a feasible repair yourself. But if the problem is capital, it is better to contact the service department.

Drain hose blockage

Sometimes the hose cannot be cleaned due to sticky dirt that has accumulated during plaque accumulation during prolonged use, narrowing the duct and causing error code 2E. This element is easily changed. It costs about 5 $ -7 $ depending on the absence or presence of a plastic retainer.

Pump breakdown

He, too, needs to be changed. The new pump costs, based on the model of the washing machine, $ 60 -130 $. In order not to make a mistake in connecting the transitions and in the fixation points of the node, you must enlist the help of the wizards.

Wire break

If the contacts are connected correctly and 2E flashes on display, check the wires that may be damaged by vibration. To do this, check the tourniquet with a multimeter, accurately figuring out the place of its break.

Damage to the control module

First, you need to solder the tracks and replace the controller. If the Samsung washer 2E error code is still displayed on the screen, the whole board is changed. Its price is in the range of $ 150 -240 $, which depends on the specific model of the machine.

What does 2e mean on my Samsung washer?

Error code 2e indicates that there are problems with draining the water. There are several reasons: a dirty filter, a clogged nozzle, a pinched, bent or clogged hose. An error can also occur due to a pump breakdown and loss of communication between the electronic unit and the pump.

What is 2e in the washing machine Samsung?

Error 2e is caused by dirt or getting stuck in the drain hose, nozzle, sewer, filter. Also, among its causes are a damaged control module, a loose connection of the connector, a failed pump, an open circuit.

How do I fix the error 2e on my Samsung washer?

Error code 2e will disappear if you restart the washing machine - turn it off and on again after 5-10 minutes. Cleaning the drain pump filter, nozzle, hose, or sewer inlet will help you. Another measure is replacing the pump or control board.

Author: David Hoover