Samsung washer 8C error code

Samsung washing machine self-diagnosis system reports breakdowns using special codes. For example, if the sensor that controls the movement of the drum breaks down, in older models, EA, 3C4, 3C3, 3C2, 3C1, 3C, 3E4, 3E3, 3E2, 3E1, 3E appear on the display. A modern Samsung washer has an 8C error code.

Samsung washer 8C error code

Error 8C: description

Starting the program, a washing machine tries to accelerate the drum to the desired speed, but cannot cope. The electric motor stops working and error code 8C or similar symbols with similar decoding appears on the display: 1BC2, 18C2, 1BC1, 18C1, 1 BC, 1 8C, BC2, BC1, 8C2, 8C1, BC, BE2, BE1, BE, 8E2, 8E1, 8E.

They say that there are problems with the MEMS accelerometer. Samsung has a VRT+ vibration sensor that controls revolutions and tridimensional mechanical vibrations. It transmits readings to the PCB and through it controls the motor rotation.

Only new washing machines manufactured after 2013 have such a part. Early models manufactured before 2007 have a standard tachometer. Therefore, 8C error associated with the operation of VRT+ is specific only for modern equipment. But it is decrypted in the same way as the symbols of the 3E, 3C and EA group in older models with a tachometer.

Possible reasons

If error code 8C appears due to a failure of self-diagnosis, a reboot should help: just turn off the washing machine for 10 – 15 minutes. If not, look for another source of the problem.

Internal failure of the MEMS sensor

In the Samsung washer, the 8C error code is displayed when the accelerometer is “silent” or gives incorrect/ weak signals to the control module. It can be tested through the DC92-01624A board. VRT+ is connected to the PCB of the display. The PCB-Sub itself has a 6-wire 15P connector. Namely, it is needed for checking the sensor.

  • Switch on the washing machine.
  • Attach the black multimeter probe to the blue wire at pin 5 and test pins 2, 3, 4, and 6.
  • The output voltage should be between 0.5 V and 4.5 V. If it is not correct, then 8C error appears due to VRT+ (assuming that the red wire of pin 1 stably shows 3.3 V DC).

In this case, the vibration sensor must be replaced. It is located at the bottom of the front forecastle. Put the switched off washing machine on the back or sidewall to access it. Remove the drive belt. Unscrew the two screws, remove the problematic part, install a new one (approximate price is from $ 150), fix the mounts firmly.

Broken contacts

Error code 8C can be displayed when VRT+ is not connected to the module. Inspect the terminals of the MEMS sensor connector and the P8 CN8 electrical connector. If everything is in order, check the integrity of the wiring that goes to the accelerometer from the main unit. She often breaks off under the screed. An open circuit in the electrical circuit needs to be repaired: clean and tighten weak contacts, solder damaged contacts

Control board failure

If during testing 15P on PCB-Sub the red wire of pin 1 does not show 3.3 V DC, then the electronic controller is the reason. It sends or receives information incorrectly, wherefore 8C error appears. The tracks can be repaired, burnt elements can be replaced. But if the processor breaks down, you will have to install a new PBA DC92-01021V printed-wiring board. It costs from $ 170.

Problems with the motor and its elements

Sometimes 8C error code occurs in Samsung washer immediately after filling with water, and the drum does not rotate on all programs. This indicates the breaking of the motor winding. It should be completely replaced.

If the equipment fails to gain speed at the beginning of spinning, check the motor brushes. They can create an inhomogeneous magnetic field, wherefore the MEMS sensor does not start the centrifuge. It is also possible that the stretched and worn drive belt is the reason – when it slips, the drum moves jerkily, and the system gives error code 8C. All worn elements must be replaced.

The weak connection between the accelerometer and the electric motor

VRT+ is fixed to the motor case with fasteners that can untwist. In this case, in the washing mode, the drum does not rotate correctly and stops during the spin cycle. Check and tighten the mounts.

Sometimes the connection is lost due to oxidation/polluting of the motor shaft or magnetic ring. As a result, the vibration sensor gives false signals, the control acts only at low speeds. Spinning programs do not start – error 8C appears on the display. Clearing of parts is required.

What does 8C mean on my Samsung washer?

Error code 8C indicates a failure of the MEMS sensor, which monitors the rotation of the drum. Samsung washing machines have VRT +. If it breaks down, the washing machine cannot gain momentum and interrupts the program. The cause may also be broken contacts between MEMS and PBA, faulty motor components, failure in the main module.

What is 8C in the washing machine Samsung?

Error 8C occurs when the washing machine is not gaining momentum. It is associated with the vibration sensor VRT + (MEMS), which regulates the operation of the engine. If this component is faulty, incorrect signals are sent to the control board. PBA stops the rotation of the drum. Furthermore, there may be fault contact, the main unit, or the motor.

How do I fix the error 8C on my Samsung washer?

Test VRT + by measuring the voltage at the 15P connector on the PCB-Sub. If the readings are incorrect, replace the sensor. If the voltage is normal, check the wiring. Inspect the belt, brushes, and motor winding. Install new components instead of faulty ones. If necessary, clean the shaft from possible oxidation. Replace or repair the control board.

Author: David Hoover