Samsung washer dryer error code FE

Samsung washer dryer refuses to dry clothes on programs with drying:

  • the drying cycle does not start at all. The appliance immediately shows the FE / FC error on display;
  • the washer dryer interrupts drying and issues the FE / FC error code.
Samsung washer dryer error code FE
Samsung washer dryer error code FE

The meaning of the FE error code in Samsung washer dryer

The FE error code (Fan Error abbreviation from English) appearing on Samsung washer dryer’s display means a drying fan error. For some reason, its rotation is impossible. Therefore, the drying process interrupts or doesn’t begin at all.

Note! This error is typical for Samsung models with the option of drying.

Most often, the FE error indicates severe problems in the drying process. But sometimes you can understand the error of ventilation yourself.

When does the FE error appear and how to fix it?

There might be a self-diagnosis system failure. In some cases, the error code may appear due to a malfunction of the self-test of the washer dryer. Thus, the control module receives a false signal. Then, the self-diagnosis issues a message with an error code that is not actually occurring.

To deal with it, turn off the washer dryer with the Start / Pause button. Next, pull the cord out of the socket. After 5-10 minutes turn on and start the drying mode again. If the FE code is false, it will no longer appear.

When the restart of the washer dryer doesn’t help, then the FE error indicates a severe malfunction. In this case, your Samsung washer dryer needs professional help.

Main causes of the FE error

Signs of an errorPossible cause of occurrenceRepair or replacement
Samsung washer dryer doesn’t start the drying cycle or interrupts it in 1-2 minutes after the start. Then, the appliance issues the FE code on the screen.There is faulty fan drying, caused by:

  • breakdown of the starting capacitor;
  • clogging of the fan impeller with debris;
  • drying up of the bearing grease;
  • breakage of the fan belt drive;
  • breakage of the fan motor winding (the fan motor has burnt out).
Accordingly, it is necessary to do the following:

  • replace the starting capacitor;
  • remove debris that interferes with the free rotation of the impeller;
  • grease the fan bearing;
  • put a new belt on the drive.

In the case of fan motor burning out, the device requires a complete fan replacement.

Interruption of a signal in the fan circuit. Possible reasons for the fault:

  • Poor contact of the starting capacitor with the connector due to contamination or oxidation;
  • the condenser has moved from its place (it often occurs during the top cover closing);
  • there is an open or short circuit in the wiring to the fan.
To fix these failures, you have to:

  • Clean or replace poor contacts in the place of the starting capacitor;
  • fix the capacitor in the connector more carefully (when it fails out);
  • Twist a broken wire in a loop or replace the entire plume.
Samsung washer dryer doesn’t activate drying. The fan error code lights up on display.The problem is in a defective control module. It is about the washing machine’s brain, which controls all processes. The causes for the module failure:

  • damage to tracks or radio elements (diodes, capacitors, resistors, etc.) of the drying unit on the module;
  • failure of the processor.
Restoring the damaged elements on the board is necessary. For this, solder the paths and replace burnt radio parts (diodes, capacitors, resistors, etc.) If this doesn’t help to restore the machine’s operation or chip processor has burnt, the device requires complete replacement of the control module.
Author: David Hoover