Samsung washer error code 4C

Modern Samsung washing machines are distinguished not only by a large selection of modes but also by a well-thought-out self-diagnosis system, which notifies malfunctions immediately after their appearance. Any technical problems appear as an error code, which is displayed.

The list and decoding of codes are indicated in the technical passport attached to each machine. When the owner is already informed of the malfunction, it remains to determine its cause. A common problem with Samsung washing machines is the lack of water. After unsuccessful attempts of the washing machine to fill the drum chamber with water, the code 4C appears on its display. Next, we consider the causes and methods of eliminating the breakdown.

Why does the error code 4C appear on display?

It is possible to understand what the code 4C means without decoding – there are no sounds of pouring water; through the glass of the door, you can not see an increase in its level in the drum. This situation can occur at the beginning of washing and during rinsing when soapy water is drained, and clean water is no longer supplied. In some models of Samsung washing machines, this problem may be displayed by outputting a 4E error code. There may be several reasons why water does not enter the drum:

Clogged water inlet valve. This problem is the most common; it is associated with a clogged filter located in front of the inlet valve. The fine mesh can be clogged with small debris from running water, blocking the water flow.

Faulty water leakage valve. For water from entering the tank, an electronic valve must be activated, which receives a signal from the control system. If it malfunctions, the washing machine cannot fill the system with water.

The control module is broken. The equipment does not collect water due to malfunctions in the control system. The valve is ready to open access for water flow, but the activation signal does not work.

Faulty water sensor. If the water level sensor (differential pressure gauge measuring pressure difference) fails, the control board cannot determine the liquid level, which is why washing does not start.

Problems with locking the hatch. If the UBL (hatch lock) fails, there is no way to lock the door; as a result, the washing does not start.

Also, the lack of water supply can be a banal shutdown of the water flow in the water supply, an error when connecting to the water supply system, and the lack of the necessary pressure, incorrect hose connection. To understand what exactly caused the problem, you need to run a diagnosis.

How to determine the type of malfunction and eliminate the 4C error code?

Often difficulties with water intake appear after improper operation of the equipment. There are a number of relatively simple problems that you can fix yourself, without the help of a wizard. As part of the initial diagnosis, you should pay attention to the following nuances:

  • Make sure there is water supply. If water is supplied, but the washing does not start, it is necessary to check the tightness of the water tap; most often, the code 4C appears precisely during leaks. If there are no problems with the tap, check the pressure in the system.
  • If an increased level of pressure is observed, this may be a sign of a clogged filter. It can be cleaned or replaced by yourself, and then restart the wash. If the error appears again, this indicates a malfunction in the system.
  • When there is no pressure at all when water is supplied, the hose must be checked; it may be disconnected.
  • In case the hatch lock does not work, you can try to tighten the hinges, which could loosen, which led to a skewed door.

If the error code is displayed before rinsing starts, you need to make sure that there is a water supply, turn off the equipment, check the hose connection for leaks, pressure, turn on the machine and start the “Rinse” mode. It will be necessary to replace the water supply valve or its level sensor, reflash or replace the control module, repair UBL, or other equipment elements.

Author: David Hoover