Samsung washer error code 9E1

Even reliable and fault-tolerant modern washing machines of such a giant as Samsung can fail after a certain time. Electronic systems of equipment independently determine the error and display the technical error code on display. For the average user, these numbers do not mean anything. But a technical service specialist with their help immediately determines in which of the nodes and mechanisms the problem has occurred, and what needs to be checked first.

What does error 9E1 mean and reasons

Error 9E1 occurs when a serious power failure occurs. It can appear immediately after turning on the machine, while the control panel stops responding to any commands. Sometimes the error is displayed after filling the drum with water, and the machine goes to the water heating cycle or spin. In this case, the device turns off and does not respond to user commands.

A power failure can cause several problems:

  • the control board has failed or is damaged. The reason may be the destruction of the wiring from the board or the voltage drop during an emergency power outage;
  • the power cord or outlet into which it is connected is damaged;
  • contacts on the power button and other buttons on the control panel have become oxidized or damaged by vibration;
  • the surge protector has burned out and it no longer passes electricity;
  • the electronic door lock does not work, without which the washing cycle does not start;
  • An extension cord with insufficient wire cross-section is used in which large losses occur.

How to fix the error

To eliminate the cause of a software failure that led to error 9E1, you need to perform a cold restart. To do this, we perform the following simple steps:

  1. completely turn off the power;
  2. leave the equipment for 5-10 minutes in the off state;
  3. Restart, after making sure that the parental control program is disabled.

During downtime and restarting, the machine will self-diagnose and reset all accumulated errors. If, even after this normal work has not been restored, we proceed to more active actions.

Problems with wiring and extension cable

First of all, we deal with wiring in the house and connecting the car. Samsung experts recommend plugging the equipment directly into a power outlet, without extension cords or adapters. If your power network does not allow this, ensure a good cable connection of sufficient cross-section and the shortest length. The fact is that a long cable can lose up to 50-60 volts, which does not allow the equipment to start normally in normal mode.

You also need to check:

  • power cord for creases, cracks, and damage;
  • plug for mechanical damage and deformation;
  • a socket in which there may be no contact;
  • electrical equipment in a home electrical panel.

Damaged or oxidized control panel

If the above measures have not led to a positive result, you need to move on to more radical actions. The control panel housing is disassembled through the detergent tray, which must be removed and unscrewed all the screws holding the front panel.

After that, access to the electronic board, the controller, and the main chip will open. When inspecting them, you must check:

  • reliability of fastening contacts;
  • lack of signs of oxidation and rust. Tracks and contacts in a humid environment quickly oxidize;
  • lack of wire breaks;
  • reliability of fixing the board.

To diagnose the above problems, it is necessary to equip with a multimeter and conduct a thorough check of all suspicious sections of the circuit. If necessary, you need to restore the contacts with a soldering iron, replace the burnt capacitors, diodes, relays, and fuses, and replace the voltage monitoring sensor. In most cases, such a repair completely returns the car to life.

Line filter diagnostics after a power failure

In modern Samsung washing machines, the FPS surge protector is often installed. During a power surge, it crashes and does not allow enough electricity to pass through, which causes error 9E1. This part cannot be repaired; it must be found and replaced. It is usually located on the right under the top cover. If the “ringing” with a multimeter showed the “death” of the element, replace it with a new one. And so that in the future this problem does not happen, experts recommend installing a voltage stabilizer in front of the machine.

If none of the above actions helped, most likely have completely burned out the control module. This is the most expensive element of the washing machine, which can reach up to 150-250 dollars. Only a complete reinstallation of the equipment will help restore the operability of the equipment.

Author: David Hoover