Samsung washer error code 9E1

9E1 error Samsung washer displays immediately after turning on the machine or during filling with water when switching to a program with heating and at the beginning of the spin cycle. At the same time, the equipment does not react to anything and turns off.

Samsung washer error code 9E1

What is error 9E1 related to?

An error indicates a power failure – excessively high or Undervoltage. Several factors can cause it:

  • failure of the control board;
  • old wiring;
  • unsuitable outlet;
  • The inappropriate voltage on power lines;
  • extension cord with insufficient cross-section.

How to solve a problem?

To resolve error code 9E1, first, make sure that it is not a program or controller failure on the chip. For this:

  1. turn off the power;
  2. let the machine stand for 5-10 minutes;
  3. plug it in again.

During this time, the equipment will reboot by performing a self-test and a reset. If this measure does not help, use other methods to solve the problem.

  • Run the washer through the stabilizer during peak loads on the network (in cold, heat, in the evenings). It will equalize the voltage to the required norm, ensuring the correct operation of the equipment (for Samsung models of the latest generation, it is not less than 200V and not more than 250V).
  • Replace the old wiring in the house, repair the sockets, because error 9E1 indicates a power mismatch. Simply put, the washing machine is not enough amount of electricity supplied, causing the triggered power control system.
  • Use a quality extension cord if you cannot connect equipment without an adapter. Samsung washer shows the 9E1 error because the typewriter lacks the necessary voltage: an excessively long cord “eats” up to 50-60V. And too-thin can not let through an appropriate amount of electricity, threatening a short circuit.

What to do so that error code 9E1 does not appear?

Pay attention to the condition of the elements of the washing machine related to the power supply. Also, check the electronic board – the controller or the main chip.

Wiring harness problems

There can be two of them:

  1. weakened contacts;
  2. there was a break in the wiring.

In this case, the error 9E1 is eliminated by restoring the normal signal passability. To do this, tighten the plug/terminals (depending on the type of machine), find the damaged wires, twist, and insulate them. If everything remains as before, replace the internal wiring.

Damaged central module

On the mainboard, contacts and tracks could become oxidized from moisture, the voltage control sensor could become unusable, and capacitors, relays, fuses, and diodes would burn out. To clear error code 9E1, check them with a multimeter. Then solder the contacts, restore the track of the circuit board, and replace the defective elements.

If nothing helps and the 9E1 error Samsung washer shows again, reinstall the damaged module. It costs $ 150 -240 $.

Author: David Hoover