Samsung washer error code dC (old and top-load models)

Your old or top-load Samsung washer displays a dC error code. What does it mean? It indicates a balance problem during the cycles. In earlier models, getting out of balance leads to serious vibes during the spin cycle, and the dC error occurs. Modern models can stop the cycle and show a UE error if the system fails to resume the balance.

Samsung washer error code dC
Samsung washer error code dC

In Samsung washers without a screen, with this error, all temperature indicators are lit and all wash mode indicators blink.

Samsung washer error code dC old and top load models
Samsung washer error code dC (old and top-load models) no display

Why does the drum get unbalanced?

Samsung Washer drum unbalanced
Samsung Washer drum unbalanced

The drum is off balance during the spin cycle. The laundry bunches so the appliance gets out of balance and the washer shakes strongly. The main reasons for the imbalance are as follows:

    • When washing bed linen, small items could get into the duvet cover. So the laundry has become a big bundle.
  • The drum is overloaded or underloaded.
  • If you wash your laundry at a temperature of more than 60 degrees, some extra water enters the washer during the rinse cycle. This may lead to a slight imbalance. Note it when selecting the water temperature.
  • Also, mechanical problems can cause malfunction. If the bearings are worn or rusty or the shaft is bent, the vibration increases and the washer may not spin at all.

How to balance the drum

How to balance the drum Samsung Washer
How to balance the drum Samsung Washer

Modern Samsung washing machines have balance the drum by default. This additional function is called “Balance control”. In this case, the system will not proceed with the spin cycle until the problem is there. The drum rotates in different directions, slowing down and then speeding up to troubleshoot it.

What if you set the maximum speed of the spin, but the washer is still out of balance? Then the washing machine will significantly reduce the spin speed so as not to damage the parts. The other option is the system will stop the spin cycle, and the dC error code will appear on the display.

How to balance the Samsung VRT washer?

  1. Unplug the washing machine.
  2. If the washer stopped in the middle of the cycle, you need to drain it.
  3. Find a small door at the bottom of the front panel. There is a pump behind it.
  4. Open the door. Place a container under it and remove the plug of the pump.
  5. Drain the water and then open the door of the washer.
  6. Place the laundry evenly by hand or remove half of the items from the tub.
  7. Then resume the washing cycle.

How to fix the DC Code on the Samsung Washing Machine

It is easier to rearrange the laundry in top-load washing machines because you don’t need to drain the water before opening the door. Have you rearranged the laundry? If the washer is still shaking during the spin cycle, check the counterweights. They are located behind the front and back panels of the washer, and they are attached to the drum. Sometimes they get loose, which makes the washer off-balance.

How to avoid the imbalance and the dC error code

Make sure you load the drum according to the Samsung washing machine standards. If it is a 3 kg washer, you do not need to pack the drum fully. It should be 2/3 full. Here are some extra pieces of advice.

  • Do not load the washing machine with very bulky items. When they get wet, they become heavy and can overload the washer, and it will lose balance.
  • Try loading large and small items together for the washer to get the right balance.

Samsung washing machine DC error fixed

What does dC top-load mean on my Samsung washer?

A dC (top-load) error indicates a door problem. Common causes: breakage of the lock, displacement of the locking loop, contact with a foreign object in the rubber seal. Sometimes linen gets stuck in the hatch and prevents it from closing. In severe cases, the error is due to damage to the wires or malfunctions of the control module.

What is dC top-load in the washing machine Samsung?

Error dC top-load reports incorrect hatch blocking. It occurs during careless handling of the washing machine when foreign objects get stuck in the doorway. Sometimes it indicates a broken loop or lock, loss of communication between the lock system and the board. In rare cases, a malfunction of the main module.

How do I fix the error dC top-load on my Samsung washer?

Remove everything that interferes with closing the hatch. Check for foreign objects in the rubber seal. Replace or repair the faulty lock, install new hinges instead of broken ones. Inspect the wires leading to the electronic board. Make sure the chip is in order. If it turns out, it needs to be repaired or replaced.

Author: David Hoover