Samsung washer error code E3

Normally, when the washing machine is serviceable, the washing process starts with turning on the power, selecting the desired program or mode, temperature and spin speed, then the washing cycle is started. The technique draws water and starts to rotate the drum. Sometimes a malfunction occurs at this stage, and then the error code E3 or 0E is displayed. How to understand what went wrong and eliminate the cause of the problem, we will consider in more detail.

What does the E3 code meaning?

Manufacturers of Samsung washing machines have developed a system of code values ​​for device malfunctions to detect a breakdown in time and fix it. The meaning of the symbols can be found in the instructions for the device. In particular, the E3 code appears on the display when the machine is pouring water. This designation is relevant for models released before 2007. In newer versions, the code 0E corresponds to the problem. In some models, the designation OF, OC, is found.

Important! If the machine does not display, an error related to the overflow of water is reported by indicators of temperature 40C, cold water, and all washing modes, which simultaneously flash.

What does “water overflow” mean? In other words, this is an excess of the permissible fluid level in the drum for a particular mode or program. In some cases, the tank may be half full or even larger. In this situation, the pump drains the water, and the E3 code appears.

Most modern auto models are equipped with the AquaStop feature, which prevents leaks. Due to this, the risk of flooding the apartment due to the overflow of water is minimized, but this will not solve it.

Among the main causes of its occurrence:

  • during initial installation, the drain hose is not connected correctly;
  • the intake valve is blocked or malfunctioning;
  • the pressure sensor tubes are clogged, or it has become unusable;
  • defective electronic control module.

You can detect and fix some problems yourself. In other situations, the help of the master and full repair with replacement of components may be required.

What to do to solve the problem?

Of course, the intervention level will depend on the reason that led to the appearance of the error code E3. Consider the procedure in each of the situations.

Incorrect drain hose connection

If an error is made during the initial connection of the device to communications, the machine may collect water and drain it by gravity into the sewer. At the same time, the liquid level sensor will receive a signal that there is not enough water, and the device will continue to collect it more than the prescribed volume. Checking if the problem is in the drain hose is quite simple. You need to start the wash cycle, wait for the machine to draw water, and then start the drain. Without waiting for the completion of the process, press the pause: if the liquid continues to drain, the connection is incorrect.

The solution to the problem is to reconnect the drain hose to the equipment so that it is located at a level of 50-80 cm from the floor.

Inlet valve blockage or failure

The inlet valve of an automatic washing machine consists of a coil and a membrane. During the washing program, the coil, upon a signal from the control module, opens the membrane, and water begins to flow into the tank. If the membrane is stuck in the open position, the liquid will fill up in a larger volume than necessary, and AquaStop will work. The code E3 will be displayed on the screen – washing will fail.

Inlet valve damage can result from power surges. It is impossible to repair the part; the problem can be solved only by a complete replacement of the spare part.

Problems with the pressure sensor (pressure switch)

A water pressure sensor or pressure switch is a device that consists of a chamber and a tube extending from it. When water is drawn into the drum of the machine to the desired volume, the pressure rises in the device, and from it, there is an electrical signal to the inlet valve to stop the flow of fluid. Among the most common problems with the pressure switch:

  • clogged, damaged, or disconnected tubing;
  • filling the chamber with scale, residues of low-quality powder or dirt;
  • complete failure of the sensor.
  • In each of the situations, the following will help solve the problem:
  • replacement, cleaning or connection of the pressure switch tube;
  • camera cleaning;
  • replacement of a part with a new one.

You can cope with this task by unscrewing a few bolts, getting to the details, or contacting an experienced master for help.

Failure of the electronic control module

When the error code E3 appears, you can drain the water, disconnect the machine from the power supply and turn it back on after 5 minutes. If, when restarting the wash cycle and the absence of the above problems, the error code “water overflow” is displayed again, then the cause may be a malfunction of the electronic module itself. In this situation, the part should be replaced with a new one, turning to a master’s services.

For the Samsung washing machine to serve for many years, it is important to timely eliminate the causes of malfunctions reported by a particular code. Cleaning clogged tubes, choosing a quality detergent, and replacing worn parts can significantly extend the device’s life.

Author: David Hoover