Samsung washer error code LC (for Australia)

When the LC error code appears on display, Samsung washer turns on the drain and does not respond to the power button. For models without a screen, indicators light up. At the same time, the bulbs of all washing modes light up, as well as 30ºС and 95ºС. For older devices, other symbols appear instead of LC: E9, 11E. New ones have LE1, LE, LC1.

Samsung washer error code LC (for Australia)

Why did the LC error appear?

An LC error code indicates a leak. The leakage sensor, which is located in the lower pan, detects moisture, and informs the control module about the probable “flooding.” When this happens, the protective system is automatically triggered. The washing machine includes draining for 3 minutes so that the contents of the drum do not leak into the electronic components. An LC error code appears on display.

How to solve the problem?

Before undertaking anything, reboot the equipment by disconnecting it for 10 minutes from the outlet. If the LC error is due to a momentary failure of the electronic board, the problem will disappear. If not, continue to the next steps.

  • Ensure that the drain hose is not clogged, kinked, or installed correctly. Part of the hose (bend) should be above the filling point of the water in the tank.
  • Make sure the drain filter cover is tight.
  • Turn on any program without loading laundry or adding detergents. If there is a lot of foam, then the Samsung washer will give out an LC error code due to increased foaming.

Cases that require repair

The drain system is in normal condition, but does the LC error code still appear? It’s time to move on to radical decisions. Start by looking for the source of the leak.

Hidden washer damage

First, you need to determine which part needs repair. Inspect all places in the washing machine through which water can leak:

  • inner tubes;
  • detergent compartment;
  • tank;
  • sunroof and rubber gasket;
  • hoses for filling and draining.

Worst of all, if a pump leaks, it cannot be repaired and will have to be replaced. Then the LC error will disappear. The price of the new pump is $ 65 -120 $. This variation in cost arises from the old and new models of washing machines that consumers use.

Defective sensors

In some cases, the Samsung error code LC washer displays for no apparent reason. This indicates a malfunction or an open in the electrical circuit of one of the sensors: a pressure switch or a leakage control system (Aqua-Stop). Wires can still be repaired, but broken items need to be replaced. A new water leak detector costs around $ 10.

Damaged module

When the control board fails, different codes may appear on the display of the washing machine, including the LC error code. This indicates that some components and tracks are damaged. They must be cleaned and re-soldered. If the situation is too serious, you will need to replace the entire main module. Its price is in the range of 150 $ -240 $.

What does LC mean on my Samsung washer?

An LC error is a sign that a leak has occurred in the washing machine. The reason may be anything, as moisture accumulates in the lower pan. Possible breakdowns include hose breakage, nozzle contamination, accumulation of debris in the filter or the sewer, increased foaming. Another factor is the failure of the control board.

What is LC in the washing machine Samsung?

LC error code indicates a water leak. The reasons are a damaged, clogged or kinked hose, wear of gaskets and rubber cuffs, filter pollution, excess foam, clogged sewage, cracks in the pipe, control module failure, pump malfunction.

How do I fix the error LC on my Samsung washer?

To clear the LC error, you need to restart the washing machine and fix the failure of the electronic elements. If it does not help, check, repair, or replace the drain pump, control board. It may also be necessary to restore contacts, clean the filter, hose, pipe, and drain.

Author: David Hoover