Samsung washer error code LC

For older models, the LC error code Samsung washer displays 3 LEDs in the form of continuous burning opposite the water temperature (cold, 30, 40 degrees) and the flashing of lamps in the washing modes. At the same time, the machine does not start the program but immediately drains the water.

Samsung washer error code LC

What does lC error code mean?

It indicates a malfunction of the pressure switch. The function of this element is to inform the electronics that the tank is full enough, and it is time to proceed to the next action. But in case of damage, the signal does not reach the control board or comes with distortion. As a result, an LC error occurs on the screen.

How to solve the problem yourself?

First, restart the washing machine:

  1. turn off the power (unplug the cord from the outlet);
  2. wait 5-10 minutes;
  3. plug the equipment into the network.

In case of accidental failure of the controller, which is responsible for the operation of the water pressure sensor, the equipment will perform a self-diagnosis and fix the problem. If the error code lC remains, look at the contacts, reconnect the connectors (may disconnect during vibration during washing or spinning).

The next step is to check the tube going from the pressure switch to the pressure chamber. With its help, the sensor determines how much water is in the tank. But during the operation of the machine, the small hose sometimes bends, squeezes, or shifts due to vibration. To avoid Samsung washer lC error code, reinstall it, or replace it with another. Another measure is blowing tubes to eliminate possible clogging.

What needs to be fixed so that the LC error disappears?

If all else fails and lC remains on display, then it’s time to move on to drastic action. But, first of all, it is worth noting: in most cases, the problem is associated with a pressure switch. Start with it.

The pressure sensor is out of order

If he incorrectly determines the water level and does not cope with his function, they change him. The pressure switch cannot be repaired. A new relay for a Samsung washing machine costs about $ 20-$ 40.

The control board is damaged.

It is affected by condensation, splashes of water, or detergent. Accidentally falling to the surface, they short electronic circuit elements and cause an error code lC. In this case, clean the oxidized contacts, repair the tracks, re-solder the defective parts. If the control module is completely damaged, replace it with a new one. Price ranges from $ 150 to $ 240.

Break-in internal wiring

Begin by testing the wiring harness. If visually, it was not possible to define a problem segment, use a multimeter. This device allows you to establish the place of the cliff accurately and is guaranteed to eliminate the lC error code Samsung washer. Broken wires – twist and insulate. This normalizes the signal permeability. In extreme cases – buy a whole tourniquet.

What does LC mean on my Samsung washer?

Error lc indicates malfunctions of the pressure switch - the element responsible for checking the water level in the tank. It may be connected with a tube that goes from it to the pressure chamber, as well as with a violation of contacts on the control board. Another reason is the connector for communication, because of which the signal does not reach the controller.

What is LC in the washing machine Samsung?

Error code lc - this signal that the damaged water pressure switch. The pressure switch is responsible for the control of water in the tank washing machine. Also, the connections of the connectors could become loose, or the central module, wiring, and the pressure chamber tube could fail.

How do I fix the error LC on my Samsung washer?

To fix the lc error, you need to reset it - turn off the machine for 5-10 minutes and turn it on again. If the problem persists, check the pressure switch and replace it in case of breakage. The next step is to test the wiring harness. The most radical measure is to restore or reinstall the control board.

Author: David Hoover