Samsung washer error code SC

Sometimes a washing machine, instead of the usual slightly moist things after spinning, can unpleasantly surprise with “floating” laundry in a drum filled with water. Most often, this happens due to a malfunction or blockage in the components and assemblies responsible for draining the water. In Samsung “washers,” such a problem is usually accompanied by an error display with an SC code. Is it possible to get around it and how to return the machine to working capacity without involving a specialist, you will learn from this article.

What does the error mean and reasons

A command drains water from a pressure switch, which determines how full the drum is. If, for any reason, the drain is not performed, the automatic diagnostic system generates a 5C error. Depending on the machine models and the year of manufacture, the error code may be 5E or E2 (for models up to 2007).

Experts say that SC code does not exist! It’s just that users confuse the English letter “S” and the number five, misinterpreting the data received from the machine. However, this does not change the essence of the breakdown. Regardless of which of the above combinations you saw on display, you need to look for the cause of the malfunction in the drain system.

Experts identify several reasons that can lead to the appearance of this error:

  • blockage in a siphon or sewer;
  • malfunction of the pump or pressure switch;
  • failure in the electronic control unit or incorrectly selected program.

It is also worth noting that the manifestation of errors can occur in different ways. Most often, water drains very slowly, which is associated with blockages in the pipeline. But sometimes an error is displayed even with an empty drum, which requires an already detailed search for a solution.

How to fix the error

The first thing you need to do to restore the machine’s correct operation is to perform a complete reboot. To do this, experts recommend disconnecting the device from the mains and leaving it for 10-15 minutes. During this time, all electronic malfunctions in the controller that could lead to incorrect reception/transmission of signals will be reset.

If such a procedure in the Samsung machine did not lead to a reset of the SC (5C) error, we proceed to the applied repair methods.

Drain pump clogged

Every modern Samsung washing machine has a special filter that protects the drain pump from large objects. Access to this filter opens behind a special door, which is located below on the front panel. Most often, it simply unscrews several revolutions counterclockwise.

It is in the filter that various small things are collected: coins, paper clips, buttons, buttons, etc. However, they most often do not block the flow so that a drain error occurs. But the sock, pantyhose, hair, and pile that got into the filter stop the work of the equipment very quickly.

Sometimes clogging can build up in the pipeline from the tank to the drain pump. As a result, even with a clean filter, draining can be difficult. In this case, the filter may be clean, but drainage is difficult. Therefore, it is necessary to check the nozzle before the filter for clogging.

Pump malfunction

The cause of a faulty drain and the occurrence of an SC (5C) error may be the drain pump. A severe breakdown may be indicated by the appearance of uncharacteristic noise during pump operation. To check this element, it is necessary to disassemble the drain assembly and open free access to the pump.

How to get to it:

  • we disconnect the washer from a network and a water supply system;
  • remove the powder tray;
  • we lay the equipment on the side opposite to the filter hatch;
  • unscrew the bottom and gain access to the pump.

Experts note that both the mechanical and electrical parts can break in the pump. Do not rush to pick up a tester and deal with the work of electricians. Very often, debris (hair, pile, and threads) that the filter could not handle will get into the impeller. To understand the problem, the pump will have to be completely disconnected. To do this, you need to remember or photograph the wiring to properly assemble the assembly. After that, you can start disassembling:

  • carefully disconnect the contacts;
  • expand the clamps on the pipeline;
  • turn the pump counterclockwise by half a turn and easily remove it from the seat.

After the analysis, we evaluate the condition of the impeller and remove the accumulated dirt. Experts recommend replacing rubber gaskets and lubricate the impeller axis with lithol or graphite grease.

If everything is in order with the mechanics, we take a tester in our hands and check the engine. If the contacts “ring” “1” or “0” – most likely, the motor burned out. If a three-digit number appears on display – a malfunction in the electronics. In the latter case, you may have to replace the pump completely.

Faulty control module

In electronic washing machines, the central control unit is responsible for the distribution of all commands, including the beginning of the drain program. If commands from the unit do not arrive at the pump motor, water will not leave the tank. The control module is a rather complicated board, and it will not be easy for a beginner to understand it without experience. Plus, you need a soldering iron and the necessary components for repairing the board. It is better to entrust such work to a professional. It will be faster and cheaper.

Faulty water level sensor

Sometimes, the appearance of an SC (5C) error in Samsung “washers” occurs due to the pressure switch’s problems. It sends incorrect information about the fullness of the tank, because of which the built-in washing programs do not start. To restore operation, the pressure switch must be disconnected, cleaned, and replaced if necessary.

The work algorithm is as follows:

  • we disconnect the washing machine from the socket and a water supply system;
  • disassemble the top cover;
  • open the clamp and disconnect the pressure hose.

The operation check of the unit must be carried out using a small flexible tube. It must be put on the fitting of the water level sensor and blown. If the pressure switch is working, you will hear one or more clicks. If this does not happen, check the pipes for blockages.

In addition to clogging, the cause of an incorrect signal can be an electrical failure of the relay. To check, you will need a multimeter to evaluate the signal transmission through the contacts. If it is not, the sensor must be completely replaced.

Clogged drain hose or sewer

One of the most common causes of poor drainage and stagnation in the machine is improper installation and blockages in the drain hose. Because of this, water drains slowly, and 5C errors may appear. To eliminate this, you must:

  • make sure that there are no kinks or kinks in the hose;
  • check the water flow and the absence of blockages;
  • reduce the line to 4 meters if the drain is long.

After completing all the above procedures, the SC (5C) error in the Samsung washing machine will be reset. Have a good repair!

Author: David Hoover