Samsung washer error code SC

A washing machine drains the water with the help of a pressure relay that determines how full the drum is. If the drain does not start, the self-diagnosis system displays error code SC (5С), 5Е or nd in Samsung washer. For older models (manufactured before 2007) – E2.

Samsung washer error code SC

Error SC: description

In fact, it does not exist. Many people confuse the number “5” with the English “S”, so they take 5C for the SC error code. The meaning of this does not change: both combinations of symbols indicate a failure in the drain system. Whereby, faults can manifest in different ways:

  • the unit interrupts the program and stands being filled;
  • water is drained too slowly and not to the end;
  • the drum is empty, but nevertheless, the error SC (5C) is displayed.

In the first two cases, the problem may be proven to be external – clogging of pipes cannot be ruled out. Disconnect the end of the hose, place it in a large container and start the drain mode. If water is pumped out, it is necessary to clean the sewer or siphon under the sink.

There may also be a failure of the electronic controller, which transmits/sends signals incorrectly. Turn off the machine for 10 – 15 minutes, and then try to repeat the wash cycle.

Causes of error SC

If the reboot did not help, you need to find out what malfunction causes error code SC (5C) in Samsung washer. Just do not forget to remove water forcibly from the drum and pull out the laundry.

Clogging of the pump filter

Does the pump work but not pump? First, check the drain filter. Open the door in the lower right corner (on the front wall) and unscrew it by turning contraclockwise.

Small objects like buttons and coins do not cause significant problems. Error code SC (5C) is caused only by big obstacles: accumulations of the pile, socks, etc. Remove them, wash the filter and reinstall it.

Problems with the drain hose

Make sure it is:

  • not frozen or clogged;
  • located correctly, depending on the type of connection;
  • smooth, without damage and bends;
  • not longer than 4 meters.

The most common cause of water stagnant in the washing machine is improper installation of the drain hose. Connect it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. At the same time, check if there are any foreign objects inside. Obstacles can be removed under the pressure of air, liquid, or pushed by hand.

Foreign objects in the nozzle

Sometimes clogging occurs in the drain nozzle. In this case, the equipment does not pump water, and error SC (5C) is displayed. Make sure that debris did not get into the connection between the pump and the tank. If the duct is clogged, it must be cleaned.

Clogging in the pump

Constant/intermittent noise from the pump can occur when small objects get stuck: coins, nails, screws, hair clips or rubber bands. A quiet roar indicates that the subunit is operational, but it is seized up. Remove the filter, turn on the drain mode and see how the wheel rotates. Check the output chamber of the pump and the place under the impeller – there may be hidden obstacles that should be removed.

Poor wire connection

It is quite another matter if the pump does not make sounds. In this case, error code SC (5C) may be associated with open contacts of the electrical circuit. Inspect the wires from the drain pump to the control module. Perhaps they have departed, and they need to be fixed. This often happens after transporting or moving the washing machine.

Another possible cause of the malfunction is damage to the wiring. Do the following:

  • if the defects are insignificant, repair the open circuit by twisting;
  • If everything is serious, replace the cable completely.

Pump breakdown

When the washing machine does not wring out the laundry and does not drain water and displays error code SC (5C), in 90% of cases the faulty pumping system is the reason. But do not think that a broken pump must be silent. The rotor can rotate at normal speed but not move the wheel. Or on the contrary, make few revolutions due to slippage on the shaft, wherefore error code SC in Samsung washer is displayed during the drain.

How to check the pump?

  • Put the washing machine on its side to access the contacts.
  • Remove the control panel and front cover.
  • Use a multimeter to check the continuity of the electrical circuit at the terminals. Standard pump windings typically have a resistance of about 165 ohms.
  • If everything is in order, and the SC (5C) error continues to appear, call a specialist who will conduct a detailed examination.

A failed pump will have to be replaced. Its average price is from $ 20 and above.

Blocking pressure system

When it occurs, the washing machine signals water stagnancy, showing error code SC (5C). It is important to understand that this fault does not stop pumping. Actually, the drain is normal, but due to clogging, the pressure system receives the wrong signals and transmits them to the control board. The machine “thinks” that it is still full, so it does not start a quick rotation.

A quick test for blocking:

  • disconnect the unit from the mains;
  • remove the panel;
  • unscrew the rubber tube with pressure relay;
  • blow it carefully.

If the drum is empty, but the air does not pass, then somewhere fat and limescale have accumulated. In this case, only cleaning the container with the high-pressure chamber will help, for which it will be necessary to disassemble the washer partially.

Faulty pressure switch

Sometimes error SC (5C) is associated with a failure of the water level sensor. It cannot determine exactly how full the drum is, and the machine interrupts the program. Diagnostics and further relay replacement are required.

Failures in the operation of the control module

If the microcircuit chip is out of order, it does not give signals to the pump motor. Thereby, the pump does not drain water. The board should be repaired or completely replaced.

Author: David Hoover