Samsung washer error code SUD

Imagine the situation: out of habit, you loaded the laundry into your Samsung washing machine, launched the program you need, and do normal household chores during the cycle. But suddenly the car stopped and refused to continue to work. And when you came to check what was the matter, it turned out that the drum was 100% filled with foam, which was about to break out. Simultaneously, for models with a display, the SUD error code is displayed, and the equipment does not want to continue the cycle.

Do not immediately worry and panic. Samsung washing machines have a built-in foaming sensor that disables washing when the allowable foam level rises. In this case, the warning SUD (5D or SD) is displayed. Typically, the cycle resumes after 5-10 minutes of inactivity, when the foam settles a little and becomes less dense. However, this causes discomfort and significantly increases the washing cycle. Today we will understand the causes of the problem and find out how to get around it.

What does the error mean and reasons

An increase in the level of the foam can cause it to leak through the seal of the loading hatch and fall on all electronic components of the machine. This is a very dangerous situation in which a short circuit can easily occur in the control board or on the electric motor.

To prevent this, Samsung machines constantly monitor the level of foam. If it is not possible to reduce its built-in functions to suppress foaming, the only option remains – to temporarily stop the washing cycle.

There are several reasons why there is more foam in the drum than necessary:

  • mistakenly used powder for handwashing;
  • Failure of the foam sensor;
  • malfunction in the pressure switch;
  • the drainage system is partially clogged;
  • Failures and malfunctions in the control board.

Samsung experts note that technical problems rarely cause increased foaming. Most often, it is all a matter of improperly selected detergent or its high concentration. As a result, the level of foam rises above the permissible mark.

How to fix the error

Before you begin to solve the problem with foam, you need to follow simple precautions that will protect you from electric shock and the washing machine from a short circuit. Repair specialists recommend following a simple instruction:

  • disconnect the equipment from the power supply;
  • if the water draining program is started, activate it. If not, drain the water from the drum through the lower hatch of the filter;
  • take out clothes and remove foam from the drum with your hands;
  • put some of the things back, and start the rinse cycle.

If the foam continues to liberate abundantly – you need to conduct a detailed diagnosis of the work.

Reduce the dose of washing powder

First of all, you need to determine whether you are using the correct dose of detergent. The optimum amount of powder for one cycle, the chemistry manufacturer, must write on the packaging. Plus, very often, a special measuring cup with convenient gradation is sold along with the powder.

However, in large economical packages, this capacity may not be. Therefore, you have to fall asleep or fill the product “by eye.” This, most often, leads to strong foaming. After all, many people think that the more detergent – the better the result.

In practice, the opposite is true:

  • the powder is either completely rinsed out and stains form on clothes after drying;
  • either the foam level rises in the drum, and the machine cannot finish the wash cycle normally.

The problem is solved by simply reducing the amount of detergent. And the machine already filled with foam needs to be freed from the water-saturated with powder and filled with a new one. After that, the wash will go as usual.

How to choose the right washing powder

We will not take into account the reason for the banal negligence of the user, in which powder for handwashing is used instead of powder for machines. Then the appearance of foam is logical, and the technique is not guilty of this at all.

Special powder for the washing machine must be present on the package:

  • a mark for use in automatic washing;
  • special composition, with a reduced amount of foam lifting component;
  • A special formula that allows you to clean stains from the depths of tissue fibers.

Read the detergent label carefully and buy only the right chemistry. Be sure to test the funds of several manufacturers and choose the best option for yourself.

The problem is the drain system

If, after cleaning the drum from the foam, the SUD error code is not reset, it means that the soap foam remains in the drain system, or there is a slight blockage in it. It is necessary to disconnect the pipe and clean it with a special flexible wire. If you can disconnect the pipe from the pump and rinse it with water, it will be much better.

To do this, turn the machine on its side, loosen the pipe clamp and remove it from the pump. After cleaning, install in the reverse order.

Replace the foam level sensor

After all of the above measures have been applied, it is imperative to restart the machine to reset the error code. If this does not help and the SUD lights up again on the screen even with the drum empty, the breakdown is more serious:

  • malfunction of the foam level sensor;
  • breakdown or malfunction in the control unit;
  • The water level sensor has failed.

The solution to all these issues is best left to a specialist. Have a good repair!

Author: David Hoover