Samsung washer error code U6

So that the owners of washing machines can contact the service center on time, the manufacturers have provided a code system in them, each of which is displayed on display in case of a specific malfunction. This article will focus on Samsung technology and the U6 error code, indicating the imbalance of the drum.

Causes of U6 Error

Usually, the U6 code appears on display already during the spin cycle; before this process, all operations pass without problems. The machine begins to scroll the drum slowly, but in the end, without gaining momentum, it stops. For previous generation models, the error code may be UE or E4. If the equipment is without a display, the error appears as a flashing red indicator near the 60 ° C indicator.

Samsung washing machines are famous for a wide variety of modes when the imbalance of the drum appears; the equipment system will try to balance it on its own. The U6 code appears after the wash cycle’s forced stop when all attempts to eliminate the malfunction in automatic mode are unsuccessful.

Its appearance means the inability to perform a full spin. If there are not many things and a low drum rotation speed is selected, it can continue to work without displaying an error. But if you load the drum more and choose a higher speed, the U6 code appears again. In any case, each wash cycle will end with a defective spin. The causes of the malfunction may be:

  • Washing of bedding, in which small items are clogged in a duvet cover, resulting in a lump that creates an uneven loading of the drum.
  • The drum is too full of things or vice versa – there are very few of them.
  • Wash in heating mode over 60 ° C when more rinse water is required.

  • Mechanical causes: wear of bearings, seals, shock absorbers, deformation of the shaft, drive belt, circuit board malfunction, and others.

As a rule, the error code appears at 3, 7, or 9 minutes before the end of the cycle. Before this, the drum rotates in the same direction at minimum speed. This phenomenon may be the incorrect installation of equipment when it is on an uneven surface, tilted to one side.

What to do when the error code U6 appears?

Before contacting a service center, you can conduct an initial diagnosis yourself. Sometimes the reasons for the imbalance of the drum can be eliminated by simple actions, except in situations where wear is observed on the parts. To eliminate the primary causes of problems, you must perform the following actions:

  • Check the stability of the equipment. It is possible that during the previous wash, and at the high speed of rotation of the drum, there was a displacement of the machine. A small gap between the base of the machine and the floor can also create an imbalance and a high amplitude of vibrations.
  • Download at least 3-4 things by setting the spin speed to 400 rpm, or select the no spin mode to start.

  • Load laundry made from one type of fabric. When washing a large number of things from different materials, the cycle may break, since they all absorb water in different ways.
  • Even if the laundry’s maximum load weight reaches 5 kg, it is better to load no more than 2 kg at a time, choosing a spin speed of up to 800 rpm.
  • If you plan to maximize drum loading, you need to select the “cotton” mode – only it allows you to use the highest load on the equipment.

If the U6 error code on the Samsung washing machine appears in the middle of the wash cycle, the first thing to do is drain the water. To do this, disconnect the device from the network, open the hatch with a flat screwdriver in the lower part of the case, substitute a water tank, and unscrew the filter. When the water is completely drained, leave the hatch door open.

You can try to restart the washing mode, reducing the number of things. In models with vertical loading, you do not need to drain the water; you can pick up part of the laundry and repeat the wash cycle. The cause of the imbalance in such models may be a weakening of the fastening of the balancing stones – then you can try to adjust them. They are located behind the front and rear panels of the equipment.

To avoid imbalance, it’s best to load things of about the same size together. It is also important to avoid overloading or underloading the drum, given the maximum allowable laundry weight for a particular model. Sometimes the change in the amplitude of the oscillations can be random (due to the random distribution of the load on the drum washer). However, the constant load on this element of technology can lead to severe damage.

If all of the above methods to eliminate the imbalance did not give results, then the most likely cause of the malfunction will be mechanical problems. To eliminate them, diagnostics performed by the wizard are required. Engine, drum shaft, bearings, and other parts requiring repair or replacement may fail.

Author: David Hoover