Samsung washer error code Ub

When the washer is faulty it can cancel the program and display an alphanumeric code on the control panel. Error code UB is one of the code’s combinations frequently used by the Samsung washer. This is a sign of disbalance, caused by overload or critical failure of sensors and assemblies.

Samsung washer error code ub

The error UB: description

By displaying an error code UB, the system does not only report about a potential fault but also launches the automatic protection to block the uncontrollable drum rotation. If it is not stopped, it can become uncontrollable and break something or pull out the hoses or sink electrics. That is why with the first sign of disbalance, the washer does not finish the operating cycle, but it will stop the work and signal the failure by symbols UB, UE, UR (new models) and E4 (older models).

But sometimes the error UB occurs without any visible reason. This could mean that a single failure in the control module has occurred and it should be restarted. Restart the appliance by powering it off for 10-15 minutes. If nothing has changed, move the next points.

Probable causes

The main difficulty of disbalance is that it is influenced by different factors. The first and the easiest one is the transport package, which holds the drum suspension. But this explanation applies only to new or recently purchased machines. Anything may occur to the old ones. Their work is affected even by the uneven floor, so first, the property of positioning should be checked.

Unequal loading

If the drum is losing its balance on the washing or rinsing stage, unplug the appliance, drain the water, after that check the drum. Usually, the Samsung washer error code UB is caused by:

  • imbalanced load (few/too many things);
  • twisting of the laundry;
  • non-compliance with the washing rules (the absence of bag for shoes, improper combination of fabrics).

After correcting the problem, the cycle should be started again.

Worn drive belt

This part transmits the torque from the motor. Over time, it loses its flexibility and rotates the drum hardly, causing the error code UB. Power off the washer and remove the back panel and the worktop. Check the belt condition. If it is heavily deformed, it should be recycled. A new one will cost a little more than $15.

Problems with the bearing and the centerpiece

The bearing is installed at the support side of the drum inside the centerpiece. If they malfunction, this leads to backlash and vibration. The broken parts should be replaced. The replacing of the parts may be performed just by disconnecting the drum from the shaft of the motor. But in some models, the faulty assembly is difficult to reach without professional help.

The disbalance compensation system is broken

The system includes suspension springs, dampers and shock absorbers that control the swing. If they come off, loosen or break down, the oscillations gradually increase until the error UB is displayed on the control panel. These parts cannot be restored – they should be replaced. It is necessary to send the appliance for repair so that the specialists to check the integrity of the drum and the centerpiece at the same time.

The engine is faulty

It is usually caused by old carbon brushes. If they are worn, the machine fails to perform the spin, the crackling noise of the motor is heard. Another typical sign is the smell of burning and flying sparks. In this case, purchase new brushes and install them. The couple costs from $10 to $30.

The tachometer malfunctions

The error code UB may be caused by the part that controls the number of rotations of the drum. If it is broken, it stops regulating the rotation speed, eventually leading to disbalance and stopping the washer. It also should be replaced.

The circuit board is damaged

If the drum rotates only in one direction, this is often caused by a faulty control module. Most likely, it is broken or blown, so it gives the wrong signals and causes the Samsung washer error code UB. It may be fixed by repairing damaged circuits or soldering some parts. But in severe cases, the complete replacement of the chip will be required.

Author: David Hoover