Samsung washer error code UR

Imagine the situation: your Samsung washing machine successfully started the wash cycle, collected water, brought it to the desired temperature, and even reached the spin mode. However, after several unsuccessful attempts to accelerate, it stops. At the same time, for machines that are not equipped with a display, all indicators of the washing modes start flashing, and the temperature lamp freezes at around 60°. In more modern models with a display, a UR or UE error appears (in older models released before 2007, E4. Not to be confused with 4E, which indicates problems in the water intake system).

What does the error mean and reasons

Any of these signals indicates that the self-diagnosis system revealed a load imbalance on the drum axis. In simple words, the machine cannot accelerate to the required speed, since the drum is greatly loosened during rotation. As a result, automation stops the equipment to avoid severe damage to the nodes.

Experts identify several reasons for this error:

  • laundry imbalance;
  • overload or underload of the drum;
  • failure in the control module;
  • improper installation of the machine on the floor;
  • wear on bearings or shaft;
  • Damage to shock absorbers, springs or tachometer;
  • malfunctions in the electric motor.

Without a detailed analysis, it is impossible to understand which of these breakdowns caused the error. Therefore, you will have to go through each item separately and eliminate the malfunction using the exception method.

How to fix the error

It is worth noting that all malfunctions are divided into two types: mechanical failure and user inattention. To exclude the second option, you need to start a quick wash for 30 minutes and analyze the equipment’s operation. If the error still appeared during the spin cycle, it means that the problem lies elsewhere. We will go through all the possible reasons and figure out how to get around them.

Uneven floor

First of all, it is necessary to check the installation level of the machine. It often happens that due to uneven floors, the equipment is placed at an angle. As a result, it cannot distribute the load in the drum according to the algorithm established by the manufacturer. The imbalance is especially pronounced at the spin stage when the drum becomes lighter without water.

To fix the problem, you need to take a laser or bubble level and use it to correct it. In Samsung “washers,” for this, you need to adjust the legs by twisting them to the desired height with your hand.

Control board damage

Sometimes, a UR error may occur due to the digital balance controller’s failure or malfunctions of the control board. You can try to reset the error using the “cold” reboot of the machine. To do this, it must be completely disconnected from the network for 10-15 minutes.

If this does not help, the problem is more severe and can be caused by several reasons:

  • oxidation and contact breaks;
  • failure of the relay;
  • short circuit in the microprocessor;
  • failure of printed circuit board components.

Without specialized knowledge and experience, you should not even try to repair the control unit. The work must be carried out by a master who will determine exactly whether the board can be restored or whether it will have to be completely changed.

Bearing wear

One of the central elements of a modern washing machine is a bearing assembly. It rotates a shaft with a pulley that transmits torque to the drum. Under the influence of moisture and high loads, the following problems appear here:

  • increased vibration and knocking;
  • depressurization of the oil seal, with the appearance of oil stains under the machine;
  • hum and noise during the acceleration of the drum.

Bearing wear leads to a strong imbalance, due to which a UR error appears. After replacing the stuffing box and bearing, the problem should disappear.

Drive belt damage

During bearing diagnostics, a latent belt drive problem may also occur. Over time, it can stretch and delaminate. This leads to the uneven transmission of torque and insufficient for normal balancing of the speed of rotation of the drum. And this, in turn, does not allow the tachometer, which controls revolutions, to start the necessary wash or spin cycle.

The problem is solved by simply replacing the damaged belt with a new one.

Fault tachometer (tachogenerator)

Experts also recommend checking the Hall sensor itself or the tachogenerator. It is a coil that is mounted on the motor shaft and reads its speed depending on the speed of rotation of the shaft, the voltage on the coil changes. The sensor sends this information to the main module.

To check the performance of the tacho generator, you need a tester. With it, we first measure the resistance, which should be in the range of 60-70 Ohms. Then we switch to the voltage measurement mode and make sure that the sensor generates a current. To do this, you do not even need to turn on the machine; turn the motor shaft by hand. If the device does not record changes, the sensor is broken and needs to be replaced.

Damage to shock absorbers, springs

If the UR error is manifested after a rather strong unbalancing of the drum, shock absorbers and springs installed to compensate for vibrational vibrations can suffer in the machine. With a severe imbalance, these mechanisms operate in peak mode and quickly fail. Be sure to check the nodes and, in case of their malfunction – replace them with new ones.

Engine brushes are worn off

Sometimes, the cause of a UR error (UE or E4) can be trivial wear of the engine’s carbon brushes. After several years of operation, they wear out, and the necessary magnetic field is not created in the motor for high-speed rotation of the rotor. As a result, the tachometer does not allow the next wash program to run, and the machine issues a warning. A simple brush replacement brings the technique back to normal.

Uneven laundry distribution (overload)

Despite the seriousness of the UR error, in 90% of cases, it appears when the owner himself incorrectly loaded the drum of the machine. As a result, there was an overload, underload, or equipment can not properly balance the laundry to accelerate at full speed.

To prevent unbalancing, you need to follow a few simple loading rules:

  • sort fabrics with different water-absorbing properties;
  • Do not lay small and large textiles in the machine at the same time;
  • for a small amount of laundry, select a program with a small number of rotations;
  • wash shoes only in a special bag.

If an error occurred in the event of overload, in the front “washers,” you have to drain the water and lay out some of the things. Models with top loading in this regard are more convenient since they allow you to perform this operation without draining the water.

Observe the operating rules of the washing machine, and the UR error will not bother you!

Author: David Hoover