Samsung washer error code 2H

During the washing program, Samsung washing machine can display the 2H, 3H, 4H error codes. They do not indicate the appliance malfunction, they are not errors. These figures just state the time remaining to the washing finish.

Samsung washing machine error code 2H
Samsung washer error code 2H

What to do when 2Н, 3Н, 4Н codes appear

2H, 3H, 4H indications in Samsung appliances occur with long-term washing programs. Most often it relates to the modes designed for washing cotton and children’s underwear. But the 2H indication is also possible in other modes when a user picks additional washing options.

Do not confuse 2H with the H2 error code, which signals about the occurrence of the heating circuit malfunctions. If the H2 fault occurs on the display, your device requires troubleshooting.

The 2H, 3H, 4H codes do not indicate an error but only show the wash time. Therefore, there is no need to think about how to fix the problem and remove the error. The washing machine is in order and normally performs the functions.

The meaning of the 2H error

When Samsung’s display shows the 2H error, this indicates the amount of time left to the process finish.

This is easy to explain. Samsung washing machine models that show the code have a two-character display. The time in the form of a three-digit number does not fit there. This way, the appliance reports the time remaining until the end of the washing process.

The H letter in the appearing code means an hour. And the number 2, which appears on the display, indicates that 2 hours remain (or slightly less). The machine issues the error until the minutes become two-digit (less than 100). Therefore, there is no need to reset the error. After a while, you will see the digits beginning with 99 on the screen.

How codes are deciphered

The codes appearing in the Samsung washing machine do not require an answer to the question of how to fix the problem. The time that remains until the end of the entire washing program:

  • 2H – 100-180 minutes left before the end of washing;
  • 3H – 180-240 minutes left before the end of washing;
  • 4H – the program requires no less than 240 minutes.

These codes on the washer display indicate that everything is in order.

What does 2H mean on my Samsung washer?

2H on the Samsung washing machine display is not an error. This is an information code that indicates the time remaining until the end of the program. The letter “H” stands for “hour,” and the number indicates that the cycle will end in about 2 hours (about 100-180 minutes). Typically, the code occurs when washing baby or cotton linen.

What is 2H in the washing machine Samsung?

2H is not an error code. This is an indication of the time: the Samsung washing machine tells you when the cycle will end. It is typical for devices with a small two-character display, which does not fit three-digit numbers. The alphanumeric combination 2H means that a little less than 2 hours are left until the end of the cycle - from 100 to 180 minutes.

How do I fix the error 2H on my Samsung washer?

Since 2H is not a mistake, nothing needs to be done. If this code appears on display, then everything is in order: the washing machine is operating normally and counts down the time until the end of the cycle. 2H will disappear after 2 hours. When 100 minutes remain before the end of the program, the number 99 will appear in its place.

Author: David Hoover