Samsung washer error code 3E

When the 3E error appears on the display, the washing stops. The process does not resume until the fault code’s eliminating. This code corresponds to a tacho sensor error – a weak or missing signal.

Samsung washing machine error code 3E
Samsung washer error code 3E

When does the 3E error code appear in the Samsung washer?

The 3E code has analogs with a similar decoding. It is about the next error codes: 3E1, 3E2, 3E3, 3E4, 3C, 3C1, 3C2, 3C3, 3C4, EA, 8E, 8E1, 8C, 8C1. The appearance of EA is typical for Samsung washing machines of 2008 production. 8Е, 8Е1, 8С, 8С1 error codes appear in the devices, manufactured before 2013.

If your machine does not have a display, pay attention to the burning lights: 60°C and 40°C. The mode indicators flash.

Samsung washer error code 3E without display
Samsung washer error code 3E without display

Without any reason, Samsung washing machine issues the 3E error quite rarely. Most often, such code appears at specific stages of washing. It means a certain pattern. The washer shows the problem when the 3Е, 3Е1, 3Е2, 3Е3, 3Е4, 3С, 3С1, 3С2, 3С3, 3С4 code lights up. It happens during:

  • The drum rotating at the time when the program starts;
  • Laundry rinsing;
  • Spinning, when the machine rotates the drum for a little and issues the 3E sign.

What does the error mean?

Hall sensor Washer Samsung
Hall sensor Washer Samsung

What if Samsung washer displays the 3E, 8E, EA code? Most often, it indicates a malfunction in the operation of the hall sensor or engine. The analogs of the 3E code have the next decoding:

  • EA is similar to the 3E code, displayed on the early models of Samsung washing machines;
  • 3E1, 3Е2, 3Е3, 3Е4, 3С, 3С1, 3С2, 3С3, 3С4 error also reports about a tacho sensor malfunction;
  • 8Е, 8С, 8С1 code indicates problems in the vibration sensor, installed in modern Samsung washers models;
  • 3C signals about reducing of the washing machines’ motor power.

The reasons for the error

Hall (tacho) sensor Samsung washer
Hall (tacho) sensor Samsung washer

The washer can show the 3E error when:

  • Excessive loading of the drum with laundry;
  • Jamming of foreign objects between the drum and the tank;
  • The temporary malfunction in the control module;
  • The failure of the hall sensor;
  • Vibration sensor failure;
  • The weakening of the drive belt;
  • Reduced engine power, which is possible due to worn brushes or broken windings;
  • Malfunction of the control module.

Such common things as drum overloading with laundry can lead to the e3 error code occurrence. If you put too little clothes, the 3E error may appear. This code signals the jamming of the drum due to foreign objects stuck between the tank and the drum. Еhe engine does not have enough power to overcome jamming.

Complete tacho sensor burnt out and breakage of connection with it can cause the 3E error. If Samsung washer is equipped with a vibration sensor instead of the hall sensor, the same problem occurs.  Also, the 3E error can indicate the loss of engine power due to the worn out brushes or broken windings.

Tacho sensor may provide incorrect signals. It refers to oxidation of the magnetic ring or of the motor shaft. Also, dirt gets between the motor shaft and the ring of the hall sensor. It causes the same problems. The attenuation of the tacho sensor signal or its periodic disappearance may refer to the poor attachment of this sensor to the motor. All of this can also generate the 3E error code.

Weakened drive belt in washer Samsung
Weakened drive belt in washer Samsung

A weakened drive belt is one of the rarest causes of the 3E error and its analogs occurrence. Because of this problem, the engine can start rotating and spin the drum. So, the self-diagnosis system of the washer takes it as problems with the motor. Thus, it issues the 3E fault.

How to solve the problem

Having found out the reasons for trouble codes in the washer, learn how to troubleshoot by yourself. Here’s what you need to remove the error:

  • When washing machine overloading, turn it off and pull out excess clothes. Then start the device again.
  • When the drum is jammed, remove the foreign object through the hole for the heating element. To get the heater, you need to remove the front wall of the technique.
  • If the control fails temporarily, turn off the machine. Take the cord out of the network for a few minutes. Then, turn it on again.
  • Change the burnt out hall sensor to a new one. (Unscrew the back wall of the device, remove the drive belt, so that it does not interfere. Remove the wiring from the engine and unscrew the part. Remove the old hall sensor from the motor and install a new one)

How to replace the Hall (tacho) sensor Samsung washer

  • Check the engine brushes and change them if necessary. (You can find small screws on the body from the sides. Unscrew them to remove the graphite rods. They are called brushes because they rub the movable part of the collector motor and can be erased. If this happens with at least one brush, change both)

How to replace the carbon brushes on the Samsung washer

  • If the connection with the carbon brushes is broken, check and clean the element. (Thoroughly clean the inner magnetic ring from oxide and dirt. This action will restore the contact. Also, check the integrity of the sensor supply wire and its contact.)
inner magnetic ring of the rotor in the washer Samsung
Inner magnetic ring of the Samsung before and after cleaning
  • With drive belt weakening, change this part.
  • If the control module fails, solder the burned elements on the board. Also, you might need to completely replace the module.


If the motor tacho signals are inputted less than 2 for 2 seconds after main drive motor started, this error will occur on normal brush motors and direct drive motors:

  • Check carbon brushes if fitted
  • Check motor capacitor
  • Check motor
  • Check motor tacho
  • Check all connections and blocks to the motor
  • Check connections on the main control module
  • Check the main control module

What does 3E mean on my Samsung washer?

Error code 3E indicates that the Hall sensor is giving an incorrect signal. The tachometer could fail or lose contact with the control board. It is possible that foreign objects can enter between the drum and the tank walls, overload the washing machine with linen, reduce engine power, loosen the drive belt, break the main module.

What is 3E in the washing machine Samsung?

Error 3E is related to the tachometer. Most likely, he stopped sending signals to the control module due to a broken wire or mechanical breakdown. Other reasons include overloading the drum, dropping foreign objects into the tank, reducing the power of the electric motor, and damage to the drive belt or circuit board.

How do I fix the error 3E on my Samsung washer?

There are several ways to fix the 3E error based on its cause. The first is to reduce the number of things in the drum and remove all unnecessary from the tank. The second is to restore the tachometer (install a new sensor, repair the wiring). The third is to replace faulty elements (worn brushes, motor winding, belt, printed circuit board).

Author: David Hoover