Samsung washer error code 4e

The 4E error in Samsung washers can appear both at the start and during the final rinsing of the laundry. It is easiest to identify a malfunction when turning on. After the start, you don’t hear the characteristic sound of the water set.

Samsung washing machine error code 4E
Samsung washer error code 4e

The meaning of indicators and error codes on a display

The 4E error, similar to 4E, 4C, and E1, describe a common problem. For some reason, the machine does not gain water.

Error code 4e and indicators on a Samsung washing machine without a display
Error code 4e and indicators on a Samsung washing machine without a display

The washing machine without a display informs about the fault by activating all the light bulbs. In addition, the “Coldwater” indicator lights up. The old Samsung model with a display shows the E1 code on a screen.

How to eliminate the 4E error in Samsung washers

Before fixing the device or ordering a repair, try to test it yourself. Sometimes the malfunction of the washing machine is caused by external causes.

  • If the machine gives the 4E error, check if the water supply in the building is switched off.
  • Make sure that the tap, providing water to the washing machine, is completely open.

There are no interruptions with water supply, but the Samsung washing machines show the 4E code. What to do next?

If you face with the 4E error code for the first time, try to reboot the electronic unit. Turn off the machine for a couple of minutes from the network. After this, the glitch of the control module will disappear. If the fault reset doesn’t occur and the 4E continues to light up, start checking the washer hardware.

How to fix minor problems

Small objects could damage or clog the cleaning filter at the entrance to the washer. It causes the 4E error code. You can fix this problem yourself.

  • Find the filter (it is located at the junction of the hose and the body).
  • Shut off the water supply, unscrew the hose, remove the mesh.
  • If there is little dirt, just wash the filter. A solution of citric acid will remove the scale on the mesh (keep the mesh in the solution for about an hour).
How to clean the Samsung top load Washer Water Filter
How to clean the Samsung top load Washer Water Filter

The machine provides a set of water but immediately merges it (the temperature of the incoming liquid does not matter). This happens when the installation is incorrect. In this case, the tank is located above the sewer drain point, and the compensating loop is not laid on the hose.

How to connect a hose to drain a washer Samsung
How to connect a hose to drain a washer Samsung

The correct connection will remove the error.

Problems that require specialist assistance

If the measures you have taken don’t work, and the Samsung machine still shows the error code, it requires a qualified repair.

The table will help you to understand the causes of the fault codes.


Possible Causes

What to do

The washing machine doesn’t gain enough water. In some cases, the device doesn’t fill water at all. A display shows the E1, 4E or 4C error code.The inlet valve has become unusable.Change the part.
When the washing program starts, the 4E error or similar codes appear.The control unit is out of order.Sometimes you can fix the problem by soldering the circuit. In the case of complex module damage, replace the unit
When the washing starts, the machine issues the 4E error.The problem refers to the pressure switch. Most likely, the hose has moved, clogged or mechanically damaged. Usually, in case of the water level sensor malfunctioning, the 1E error code appears.Replace or repair the hose.
Water doesn’t get into the washing machine. In a short time after starting, the device issues the 4E error code.Damage to the wires between the electronic unit and the water inlet valve.Reconnect the wiring or replace the plume.

Are 4E and E4 the same?

The value of error codes 4E and E4 in washing machines Samsung
The value of error codes 4E and E4 in washing machines Samsung

Searching for causes of the 4e error in the washers, some users google it as e4. This is not correct. Actually, these faults are different and caused by different reasons. The e4 error means that there is an imbalance in the drum of the machine. The reasons for this are the following:

  • too much laundry, the allowable volume is exceeded;
  • perhaps, the laundry is too small;
  • the linen has formed a ball and sticks on the drum;
  • problems with the electronic controller. There are defects in the details of the machine drive parts.

What does 4e mean on my Samsung washer?

With the help of an error 4e, the washing machine indicates water scarcity. The drum does not fill to the desired level. Possible causes: water supply problems, blocked inlet hose, clogged inlet filter, closed inlet valve, broken pressure switch, damaged wiring, faulty control board.

What is 4e in the washing machine Samsung?

4e - error reporting problems with filling the drum. Perhaps the tap is not fully open, or the centralized water supply is turned off. Also, blockages in the water intake system or malfunction of internal elements: intake valve, wiring, pressure sensor, main module are not ruled out.

How do I fix the error 4e on my Samsung washer?

First, make sure that the water shutoff valve is open, the filter is clean, the hose is installed correctly, and not clogged. If error 4e continues to appear, you will need to diagnose the internal components of the washing machine. It may be necessary to repair broken wires, replace the water inlet valve, pressure switch, or control board.

Author: David Hoover