Samsung washer error code 5D

There are a lot of washing machine models, produced under the Samsung brand. In most of them, the name of the error codes is the same. However, some codes denote the same error. For example, the 5d, sud or sudS codes are different but report the same error.

Samsung washing machine error code D5
Samsung washer error code 5D

The 5d error in Samsung washing machine means that there is too much foam inside the drum.

The reasons for 5D error in Samsung washing machines

The causes of the increased foaming in washing machines are the following:

  1. Instead of powder for automatic washing, a user put powder for hand washing. The powder for hand washing is very foaming. Automatic washing powders contain foam stabilizers, which extinguish the excessive formation of foam. It is necessary to ensure that the foam does not get to the electric motor and doesn’t go outside.
  2. Automatic washing powder, used during washing, is of poor quality.
  3. There is exceeding the required amount of powder per wash cycle.

Elimination and precautions

As a rule, the 5D error doesn’t require taking any measures. So, the machine automatically removes the foam or waits for it to settle. Then the washing process continues. In some models, you need to press the “Start (Pause)” button on the machine panel for active foam removing.

In order to avoid such a mistake, use only high-quality powders or liquid detergents. At the same time, there must be a note that the product is suitable for an automatic machine on the packaging.

Important! Be sure to look at the detergent pack. Find out how much powder specialists recommend to add for one wash cycle.

The correct dosage will save both money and the washing machine. Remember, if you add more powder, there is no guarantee that it would wash clothes better. Therefore, always use the measuring capacity when adding powder into the washing machine.

If you are doing everything right, but the error still appears, try to add powder a little below the norm with the next wash. If this doesn’t lead to the desired result, then it is worthwhile to call the professionals from the Samsung service center.

The 5d error on the washing machine display is not critical. In most cases, you can eliminate it after a few minutes.

What does 5D mean on my Samsung washer?

5D error occurs due to increased foaming. At the same time, the washing machine interrupts the cycle and waits for the foam to settle. Various reasons can cause the problem: excess powder, clogging of the drainage system, breakdown of the control board, or foam level sensor (for some models, its role is played by a pressure switch).

What is 5D in the washing machine Samsung?

The 5D error code is signaled by the foam level sensor when the foam takes up too much space in the drum. Usually, this problem is associated with improper selection or excess dosage of detergent. If the foam level is normal, then the sensor has broken, or the drain is clogged. In rare cases, the mainboard is to blame.

How do I fix the error 5D on my Samsung washer?

If a 5D error occurs, you need to wait until the foam level drops. If it appears regularly, change the detergent. Check for blockages in the drain system. If there is no foam, check the foaming sensor and the control module. A faulty sensor cannot be repaired - it can only be replaced.

Author: David Hoover