Samsung washer error code 5E

If your Samsung washer issues the 5E code (it looks like SE on the display), so there is a water draining problem. For the further appliance operating it is necessary to find out the causes of fault. Also, you should know how to eliminate failure.

Samsung washing machine error code 5E
Samsung washer error code 5E

Washers without a display show the error by a combination. The 40°C indicator lights up and all the modes lamps blink.

Error code 5E on Samsung washer without display
Error code 5E on Samsung washer without display

What does the error code mean? Why does it occur?

The 5E error in the Samsung washing machine is a common situation. In most cases, solving the problem doesn’t require the involvement of professionals.

If you have an old model, don’t mistake the drain error with the E5 code. This one means a problem with the heating element.

The value of error codes 5E and E5 in washing machines Samsung
The value of error codes 5E and E5 in washing machines Samsung

The washing machine interrupts the washing and doesn’t drain water in the next cases:

  • The drain filter has clogged with garbage. As a result, water can’t pass through the drain hose;
  • Drain hose clogging. Also, a lot of debris has accumulated in the place of connection with the filter or siphon;
  • Drain hose bending;
  • Drain pump contacts have gone off;
  • There is a failure in the electronic controller;
  • The pump responsible for the drain has broken.

When the washer shows the 5E error, find out why water draining is impossible. Only then you will remove the error and resume the normal operation of the washing machine.

Kinked drain hose
Kinked drain hose

Carefully check the drain filter and hose. Flatten it in case of bending.

How to eliminate the 5E error code in Samsung washer

How to clean the filter washing machine Samsung
How to clean the filter washing machine Samsung

What to do if the Samsung washer issues the 5E error due to the drain filter contamination:

  1. Disconnect the washing machine;
  2. Open the plastic cover, under which the hose and drain filter is used in emergency mode;
  3. Remove the plug from the drain hose. Let the water drain into a container;
  4. Remove the filter screw by turning it anti-clockwise and get it out;
  5. Clean the filter from debris and dirt;
  6. Put the filter back, fix the screw and plug the hose with a stopper;
  7. Close the cover.

How to Clean Drain pump on Samsung Washer

After that, the washer should drain water as usual. But if this doesn’t help, and there is the 5E error code again, then do the next. Check if there is any clog in the sewage system. Also, inspect the drain hose for bending and any blockages inside.

Perhaps there is just the control unit glitch. So, you need to turn off the appliance, and then turn it on again after 5-10 minutes.

The machine reset helps to cope with random electronics failures.

How to remove a blockage in a drain hose

If the 5E code, associated with a blockage in the drain hose, appears, proceed as follows:

  • Detach the drain hose from the washing machine;
  • Wash it with its strong water jet;
  • Bend and unbend the hose during rinsing to remove all dirt.

How to clean a blocked drain hose of Samsung washer

If the 5E error occurs, this may be due to a large amount of dirt and debris in the sewer pipe. The signal for this is water that doesn’t drain not only from the washing machine but also through the sink.

Blocked drain into the sewer
Blocked drain into the sewer

To solve this issue, you have to:

    • Take the cap of the siphon and rinse out all its “insides”;
    • Pour a substance for blockages eliminating into the sewer pipe ;
  • Clean the drain with wire curved at the end.

When do you need to call a specialist?

If the 5E error appears on the display when the device is operating, then sometimes the code indicates:

  • There is a problem with the drain pump. You will have to replace it;
  • A broken electronic controller. It is necessary to replace the burnt out elements of the chip;
  • Damage to the wiring between the drain pump and the controller. In this case, restore the fault location or completely change the wires.

If the machine shows the 5E code on the display, you can eliminate the malfunction cause yourself. But in the case of a serious breakdown, you need the help of a professional.

How to resolve 5E code on your Samsung Washing Machine (Tips from the company Samsung)

What does 5E mean on my Samsung washer?

When error code 5E appears on display, the washing machine interrupts the cycle and does not drain the water. This occurs in the following cases: if there is a failure in the electronic board, pump breakdown, wiring damage, kink, clogging or improper connection of the hose, dirty filter, or accumulation of debris in the siphon.

What is 5E in the washing machine Samsung?

Error code 5E indicates a drain problem. They can be caused by a blockage in the sewer, hose, or filter. Among the more serious reasons are the siphoning effect due to improper installation of the hose, rupture of wires, failure of the drain pump, problems with the control board, or with its components.

How do I fix the error 5E on my Samsung washer?

If 5E appears on display, check the drain system. Blow out the hose, rinse the filter, remove the blockage in the siphon and drain. Make sure the hose is installed correctly. In severe cases, it may be necessary to replace the pump, repair damaged wires, soldering the burned-out elements on the printed circuit board.

Author: David Hoover