Samsung washer error code 6E

6Е (Eb, bE, bC) error signals about the problems in the electronics of Samsung washing machines. Codes differ depending on the date of the equipment production.

Samsung washing machine error code 6E
Samsung washer error code 6E

Error codes in old and new washing machines

Until 2007, Samsung washing machines showed the Eb code. Although it is more correct to read the code as bE, bE1, bE2. In the devices without an electronic display, the problem was indicated by the illumination of cold water temperature indicators. So, the 40 and 60 degrees icons lighted up simultaneously.

A complete list of designations, analogous to the 6E error in the washing machine:

  • bE with additional digits (bE1, bE2, bE3);
  • sometimes the order of letters changes – on Eb;
  • in some models, the encoding bC (or bC2) is used.

Causes of malfunctions

The 6e error signals about the difficulties with running the technology. There are three common reasons when the device shows the 6E error code:

  • thyristor switch is out of order;
  • there are problems with the control buttons;
  • the failure occurred in the electronic controller of Samsung washing machines.

Before repair, try to clarify in which unit the malfunction occurred. If you’re an owner of the washing machine with the display for three characters, this task is much easier for you:

  • the bE1 fault signals a problem with the power button;
  • bE2 (b2 or bC2) pays attention to problems with other keys of the washing machine;
  • if the bE3 error light up, there is a problem with the control unit.

How to fix the 6E error code

6E can appear on a display at any stage of the washing machine operating. The fault can occur at the start of washing, and just before the end of the process.

When the codes of this group appear, it is rarely possible to remove the error without the help of a specialist.

Samsung washing machines are equipped with a set of sensors. Each of them can fail. To reset the errors, it is enough to restart the electronics. For this, turn off the equipment from the network for a few minutes and turning it on again.

Socket outlet malfunction

Interruptions in the current supply can drive the gentle Samsung electronics crazy. This happens if the plug’s connection with the outlet is not tight enough.

To eliminate the error, fix the electrician. Therefore, replace the socket, the plug of the washing machine or repair the wiring.

Buttons don’t perform its functions

If the machine issues the 6E error code, perhaps there is an insufficient contact of the buttons or their sticking after pressing.

Try holding the key for about a minute or press it a few times. The fastening of the front panel of the washing machine also helps.

Causes of the error

If you can’t cope with the problem yourself, and the device shows the same error on the display, so look through the table below. It will help you to understand the meaning of a particular behavior of the appliance.

MalfunctionPossible reasonsWhat to do
6E (bC) appears after the start of the program. The washing machine turns the drum, as when pressing. The technique starts in the normal mode, but it does not cope with the pressing process. Thus, the technique hangs.Closing the contacts led to a breakdown of the triac.It is necessary to replace the unit. Perhaps, you will need to do it along with diodes and relays.
The drum of the washing machine spins to the limit. Then, the Eb error appears on the display.The Hall sensor is broken. As a result, the control triac malfunction occurs.Provide the tachogenerator diagnostics. In case of insufficient contact, improve the fastening. Also, replace the burnt out part.
The washing machine doesn’t start. In a couple of minutes, the 6E error or similar indicator lights up.The motor relay damage. (As a rule, it occurs after a poor-quality repair, after which the contacts get oxidized or ruined).Soldering eliminates the problems with the legs or relay contacts. Replace the burnt out part.
The 6Е error code periodically lights up.Insufficient contact between the wires (they are worn out or chafed).To restore the machine’s operating, inspect the contacts. You need to clean and reconnect them. In difficult cases, you have to replace the plume completely.

What does 6E mean on my Samsung washer?

6E is an electronic error related to interruptions in the operation of electronic components. Most likely, the thyristor switch has failed, the controller has failed, or there are problems with the buttons on the control panel. Power outages caused by a faulty cord, plug, or outlet are sometimes to blame.

What is 6E in the washing machine Samsung?

Error code 6E means that the Samsung washing machine has a problem with the electronics. It can be caused by damage to electronic components (main module, thyristor switch), sticking or poor contact of the keypad, breakage of current supply elements (sockets, cables, plugs).

How do I fix the error 6E on my Samsung washer?

To resolve error 6E, replace a broken control triac or a faulty Hall sensor, which caused the triac to fail. If there are problems with the electromechanical relay, solder the contacts and replace the damaged part. If the buttons stick, repair, or change the control panel. At the same time, check the wires and the main module.

Author: David Hoover